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Candi Randolph, Design Consultant

Do you love to decorate your home? You know...the thrill of the hunt and all that? Or maybe not so much? Either way, you are in good company!

I have worked with clients as a Design Consultant for 19 years, and the whole process of furnishing and accessorizing  a home is a glorious and exhilarating experience for some, and a walk through the fire for others. For a large group it’s a matter of desire vs. time/budget that throws a monkey wrench into the process.

No worries! You’ll find affordable decorating ideas and advice, with lots of photos to illustrate and provide the visual that is so much a part of decorating and design.

I share my knowledge a a Design Consultant with over 19 years of experience by opening up my 'files' for you, full of simple, easy & most of all affordable decorating ideas for your home. Watch for the colorful file folder on your favorite pages.

One of the most important things I have learned over the years is that affordable home decorating doesn't mean cheap or run-of-the-mill (you know, your bedroom set is in about a million other bedrooms). Not at all! As a matter of fact, decorating on a budget can be simple yet elegant, creative and memorable.

More about that in a minute. First, what type of affordable decorating ideas are you searching for?

Affordable Decorating Ideas to
Style a Space

Casual Style Living Room
Country Kitchen with wood floor

the living room

the kitchen

Colorful Contemporary Dining Room
Home Office Traditional Style

the dining room

the home office

Sophisticated Contemporary Bath
Master Bedroom in Blue and Taupe

the bath

the bedroom

Special Themes

Country Christmas Decorating

The Christmas Holidays seem to start earlier every year, don't they?

Find great ideas and photos for your party table, your Christmas Tree, a casual Country Christmas, holiday themed wreathes and much more!

Log Home Great Room

Is there a Log Home in your future? Maybe you are fortunate enough to live in your own lodge, cabin or residence right now...the photo to the left was my log home Great Room...loved it!

Learn all about living in and decorating a log home, including some log home rentals (try before you commit!)

Evergreen Free Shipping

Take your Design Project from
Overwhelming to Exciting...

...inspire, create, refine, live, enjoy!

Your home decorating experience will be more rewarding if there is a process to it, similar to my Decorating Philosophy described above. Whether you are searching for affordable decorating ideas, inexpensive tips and hints, do it yourself projects or just want to find the right pieces for your home and the budget is not an issue, taking the time to organize your thoughts and preferences will pay off in the long run. And, you might save the time and expense of returning the 'poor choices.

Take a moment to reflect on the simple thoughts and steps I developed, shown below. Again, no rocket science, no expensive classes to take, just good advice for approaching your home decorating projects.


Something has to inspire you...give you the initial ‘OH, YES!’ when the light bulb comes on in your head and an inspiration is born.

Photos and images are always a good way to find inspiration. You'll find lots of photos of beautiful spaces among the pages here, accompanied by practical and affordable home decorating ideas.

Decorating with Neutrals in the Dining Room



Begin to create a plan for your ideas that takes form and direction. It might be selecting the perfect color palette for your interior. Or, finding the best furniture arrangement in your living room. I find that those two decisions are particularly difficult for many of my clients. Follow these links to end the mystery!


It would be so simple if the very first plan for a project was perfect the very first time. But it is in reality a process.

The more you can learn about...

...the better you’ll be able to refine your personal decorating style and preferences.

Once you have been inspired to create and refine your budget friendly home decorating ideas, what do you do next?

live, & enjoy the results!

Front Porch Decorating Idea

Are you ready to learn more about your decorating style and create a unique home, interior and exterior?

Then, take a few minutes to relax, peruse this site and enjoy learning more about the affordable decorating ideas that will inspire you!

Thanks for stopping in, and hope to see you again soon,


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