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Candi Randolph Design Consultant


My name is Candi Randolph and I am the website owner of DecoratorFiles.com a site dedicated to affordable home decorating ideas that will be helpful to everyone, no matter the lifestyle, decor preferences, budget or taste of the individuals who visit me.

I'm a Design Consultant and owner of Simply Designed Home Interiors located in Fort Myers, FL. That's me taking in a few rays at Fort Myers Beach on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. I know, it's rough..but someone has to do it!

My company is also very active with Home Staging, and in fact, the majority of my time is spent staging vacant properties in Southwest Florida.

Read more about me at CandiRandolph.com.

How Design Became a Part of My Life

Design & creativity have always been a part of my life, even when I was too young to realize it.

Looking back, I understand now why I made clothes for my Barbie doll when I was eight years old, starting sewing my own clothes in Junior High School, have played the piano since the age of six, owned a consignment shop while working in a full time banking career, and, I hand-made items for the shop (in my spare time).

In my thirty-something years I began directing that creativity into home decorating, although I still had no training or specific skills.

It was after I became single again that I began focusing on interior design and decor, graduating from The Sheffield School of Interior Design, New York, in 1995.

When I remarried in 1996, my husband (who was my soul mate and a fantastic home builder) and I opened a building company in Michigan.

We built conventional residential homes and log homes for about six years. Here is our beautiful Great Room.

Log Home Great Room

I taught myself to design homes during this time, and although I am far from being an architect, I was able to design most of our spec homes and some log homes as well. It was a great experience!

...Our Life Changing Move to Florida

We moved to Florida in 2006, and like many other people experienced financial losses due to economic conditions.

But Florida was always our goal for a residence, and we have made our home here, establishing a building company, Randolph Custom Homes of Florida, LLC, a handyman business, The Wizard Handyman Company and my interior design company.

It was after our move to Florida that I began thinking about, and seeking out, online sources of additional income. We needed to begin rebuilding our financial lives and I felt that there were untapped opportunities online that I could learn to utilize to my advantage.

...Learning the Hard Way About Online Business

So, I started researching and investigating a number of different online business opportunities. And, in my eagerness to see results (I am a result-oriented, get-the-job-done type person), I selected a couple of pre-made websites to promote.

You know, they are the websites that are already made up for you, and all you have to do is pay a monthly fee (of some sort of other) and poof!...the money will come rolling in!

The first website I subscribed to was a scam, and I admit they got me.

The second site I promoted offered legitimate marketing opportunities for others like myself, but with thousands of others promoting EXACTLY the same site, of course I was just a little fish in a very big sea!

I attempted a third site that was at a higher level of professionalism than the second, but again, I was one of thousands of other sites exactly like mine!

I dabbled in Adwords, which can work well, or it can cost you a LOT of money in advertising that doesn't pay off.

Ultimately, I spent about a year learning the hard way that you can't make money on the internet without doing your homework and building a real business, from the beginning. Just like people do off-line, in retail settings or service settings.

It was at that point that the light bulb came on for me, and I realized that I already had a nice (little) website for my design company in Fort Myers. So, I decided to write a book, an E-Book, and promote the guide on my website. (This link is to the current sales page on decoratorfiles.com)

...Discovering SiteSell...the Journey Begins

That was the beginning of my journey to SiteSell, and ultimately the creation of this site, DecoratorFiles.com (the original site name was great-home-decorating.com).

You see, what I learned was that unless I was promoting something that I believed in, and had a passion for, I was never going to be really successful in the world of online business.

Home Decorating Ideas

I had stumbled across the SiteSell website in my earlier research, but at the time I chose not to dig deeper into this resource (don't know why, I just didn't) that has become the foundation for everything I do with Great-Home-Decorating.com... absolutely everything.

That is the beauty of the SiteSell program and philosophy.

You learn that only by finding your own niche that is something you love, or truly want to become more knowledgeable about, so you can share that knowledge with others, will you be successful online.

...Why SiteSell is Absolutely the Best All Around

SiteSell literally offers every type of support you could possibly need or want to build your online business. Here are just a few of the many services:

  • Resources to help you identify your niche
  • All of the tools to build AND maintain your website
  • Web hosting services
  • Every resource imaginable to help identify the most profitable keywords for building web pages
  • Link building resources
  • Marketing resources, including email marketing
  • Fantastic support through many forums and discussions
  • And more...you literally never have to leave the SiteSell site to do everything needed to research, establish, maintain and build a successful online business

When you are building an online business through a website, you have to market the website through a variety of methods. I was paying several other services to market my interior design website, all with monthly fees. When I joined SiteSell, the cost is all inclusive, so I am actually saving money! How cool is that? (The cost is annual, at $299**, which equates to $25.00 per month...very reasonable!)

...How am I Doing With My Online Business?

Tropical Decorating Ideas

Great-Home-Decorating.com (now called DecoratorFiles.com)  is still very 'young' as I write this in late September, 2009 - just a few months old. But, I am so excited and committed to my business that I want to tell you about!

I've worked very hard to create a site that is informative, fun to read, expresses something of who I am, and is also a source of income for me.

The income side of the equation is still being developed (although I'm pleased with results so far), but that is the way a real business works, right?

My husband and I didn't open the doors of our building company and suddenly start receiving checks in the mail.

We had to build the business by marketing, working very hard, providing excellent service and building clients over time. Then the financial rewards came to us.

Update - August, 2010: While I am still working on building my website presence (I selected a very, very large niche, so it takes longer to conquer!), I do enjoy a steady stream of income each month. Not enough to pay all of the monthly bills, but some of them! Patience, persistence and dedication WILL pay off in the long run!

Update - July, 2011: My website is producing & my income is increasing at a brisk pace at this point in time. I now understand the statement that I read when first exploring SBI...it takes about two years for a well written site to become established and start earning a solid income. I haven't met my goal yet but am getting much closer!

Update - April, 2017:  Wow, it's been a long, long time since I have updated this page. A lot has happened in my life. I became more and more involved with my business of interior decorating and home staging, and my work on DecoratorFiles.com basically stopped.

I lost my husband, my soul mate and best friend about a year and a half ago, and that changed everything for me.

This site has been sitting, waiting patiently for me to do something with it, and now as I have been 'recreating' my life for the last year, it's time to bring it up to current web standards and share new, updated and fresh affordable home decorating ideas with my readers.

I have literally hundreds of photos from my staging jobs that will be helpful for readers, to give ideas and inspiration for their own homes. I'll be adding those as well as researching the latest designs and curate them for this site.

...How About You? What are your goals and dreams?

Are you interested in learning more about an opportunity to work from home and sharing with others about something that you love?

Your passion may be something very different than home decorating and design, but as long as it is a topic that others are interested in, you can create a successful online business.

Here is the link that will provide you with much more information

If you want to speak with someone about SiteSell and the opportunity it may present for your online business, click on this link

And, if you're already convinced that SiteSell is the ONLY way to build a successful online business, click here! Your purchase has no risk due to the money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose by experiencing SiteSell for yourself.

Who knows...maybe you'll be writing an 'About Me' page on your very own website that you created with SiteSell! It could happen if you are willing to take a 'leap of faith' and believe in your ability to be successful with an online business.

**Still curious but not sure what to do? This may prompt you to action...for a limited time, you can get SiteSell at a monthly rate of only $29.99. This is the first time an offer such as this has been extended, and it will not last forever. Click on the image below to get started, and remember, this is still a risk free offer!

SBI! Monthly Billing Option

Candi Randolph Great Home Decorating

And, if you take that step, please let me know

I would love to hear YOUR story!

So now you know all about me and why I have a passion for Great Home Decorating! If you ever have a question or comment, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will respond promptly.

Thanks again for visiting Great Home Decorating. Please stop in again soon!



Proverbs 3:5-6

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight."

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