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Great ideas, advice and tips for your bathroom remodel or design project.

You're working your way through the bathroom remodel, decorating or design project and are at the point of selecting the color palette.

Uh-oh...what next? You may be worried because your bath is small, or unusually shaped, or has some other type of unique characteristic that makes you a little nervous about how to finish off the color scheme.

No worries. Here are some tips that will keep everyone calm.

First, there are two things you can do to help you narrow down the choices. Look around the other rooms in your home, and look in your closet. Make a list of the colors you see in both areas. That is the very generalized 'color palette' that you enjoy living and being around day to day.

It is also a good idea to keep some consistency in the color palette throughout your home. So, choosing a color for the bath that appears in another area of your home makes good decorating sense.

If you have shades of blue on your list, that can be a good choice for the bath. Blue reminds us of the sky and the sea, and has a calming effect on most.

Shades of lighter blue can also make a room appear larger, which will help if your bath is small.

How about shades of peach? If that is a color you enjoy, it can be a great choice for a bathroom color, as it provides good reflection for the skin (anything to look better, right?), so is helpful when applying makeup and shaving, etc.

Related that make you feel warm and cozy are yellows, creams and apricots.

Is a beautiful shade of green on your color list?

I love shades of light to medium green as they are soothing and restful, and are offered in many beautiful, soft shades. Always a good choice in bathroom colors.

The next question to answer is, what mood do you want to set?

All neutrals in a room provide for a calm, quiet environment, while related colors make for a relaxing effect. Alternatively, strong contrasting colors create a lively, stimulating mood.

If you are daring and bold, contrasting colors such as black and white can make a dramatic statement, as the photo shown below.

Be very careful when using contrasting colors, as you can end up with a room that makes your blood pressure rise if not done properly! Make sure you leave enough area in the room for the eye to rest upon, and not fill the space with too much contrast.

Notice how the bath colors in this photo are emphasized mostly on the floor, and in the built-in cabinet at the far end of the room. You also see plenty of white walls, which in this room is a very good thing, and it works.

Bathroom Design Ideas

For most bathroom remodel and design projects, it is always a 'safe' decision to put the color on the walls and in the accents, and keep the floors, cabinetry and fixtures on the neutral side.

Consider the photo above, courtesy of

Warm wood floors and off white finishes are brought to life and given a cottage style personality with bright cherry red and lime green fabric patterns, then a soft green on the walls (I love the painted wood ceiling, too). It's not costly to change the entire color scheme with new fabric and paint color choices.

Finally, make sure that the bathroom colors you select are colors that you enjoy having around you, and make you feel good.

That is always the key to successful color selection in home decorating.

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