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Design ideas for creating the most beautiful bathrooms.

Bathrooms can be a challenge to decorate or redecorate for many of us.

Perhaps it's because of the function, or the size (generally these are some of the smaller rooms in our homes), or possibly the shape.

Here are some great bathroom design ideas and tips for remodel projects, redecorating or bath design. Many are great for those who are decorating on a budget, too, with lots of inexpensive home decorating ideas included. There are some fundamental design decisions that apply to any home decor project, bathrooms included.

Let's begin with some Bathroom Design Ideas...some very simple and easy on the budget, while others are striking, unique and memorable.

Organic and Industrial Styled BathOrganic and Industrial Styled Bath

Simple, clean lines in this organic and somewhat industrially styled Bath.

Nothing fancy or over-the-top, just a nice look that is functional and interesting. I like the faux finish on the mirrored wall with the painted line, the subway tiles on the back wall and the clean look of the lighting and finishes.

Bath Vanity Using an Old DresserBath Vanity Using an Old Dresser

Repurposing existing furniture is good for the environment and good for the budget, too. I love the play of elements in this Vintage Meets Modern Bathroom.

Rustic, vintage look with the dark finish dresser, wood oval mirror and vintage designed faucet with exposed piping...then contemporary vessel sink and decor. How cool!

So many details in this interesting, Eclectic Bathroom. It's not a large space but every detail has been well thought out.

Neutral color palette with the pop of zebra print on the area rug definitely catches the eye. Note the light fixtures both above the mirrors and on each side wall, the in-wall fixtures, striped wallpaper against the play of the wood floor...all so interesting!

This Key West Style Bathroom uses all of the angles in the dormered space for function. The louvered shutters and repeated in the cabinetry, and the decorative finishes are simple yet colorful and fit the mood of the style.

I like the 'less is more' approach to this space!

Bathroom Design Ideas

The bathroom, more than other rooms in your home, can be finished and decorated specifically for the function of the space, or, you can put some personality and decorating style into the design ideas as you contemplate how your bath will be completed.

Bathroom Designs Example!

If you are going to decorate the space simply for the function, you can still make selections and choices that will include a little bit of style.

For example, if your home is a Vintage Arts and Crafts Bungalow, it is possible to shop for function and still select the fixtures and finishes that will complement your home’s style.

Elegant vintage style bath design idea


Let’s see...Navajo White on the walls with white tiled floors and natural wood trim (never painted in a vintage home)...claw foot tub with rim mounted shower enclosure including a soft natural cotton hookless shower curtain.

The windows are leaded glass, and you’ll hang a simple cotton tier panel from the midpoint of the window to give some privacy.

A single basin vanity sink with vintage mirror (flea market find), simple faucet with the curved appearance you would expect...include a standard toilet and there you have it. A functionally designed bathroom that fits the decor of the home.

Add your own personality and finishing touches to this simple bathroom design with color in the accessories, maybe a corner cabinet that is an antique (or reproduction), possibly a vintage rug or two, and you’ve created a unique and beautiful bathroom.

Does this bathroom design sound just like what you're looking for? Visit this great website for lots of choices for your vintage bath:

Evergreen Free Shipping

Decorate the Bath with Color!

Take a look at the photo below from premierbathroom. Notice how the bath has been decorated very simply, nothing extraordinary or fancy, and it is all done in shades of off white. The deep gold/tan of the tiled floor adds some depth to the space and works very well.

This particular bath has a country/cottage/shabby feel to it, as detailed in the mirror, wall storage cabinet and accessories. The sink and under cabinets are very simple and notice the shower curtain...neutral, nothing fancy.

Thoughtful details make this small bathroom memorable, such as the picture hung above the wall cabinet, almost to the ceiling. The jars placed on top of the cabinet tie the two together...very important little detail.

All of the hardware is silver/nickel plate, which adds consistency and a little touch of elegance to the space.

You can take the same ideas and apply them to your own decorating style.

For example, if contemporary to modern defines what you love, you might take the same principles and use brown or black streamlined finishes for the mirror and cabinets, shiny chrome hardware and a splash of red in the accessories. The artwork above the wall cabinet would have a silver frame.

Here is another example of a Monochromatic color scheme using shades of brown, and the color is placed on the walls with the rest of the space finished out in neutrals.

Below, very similar shades of brown and tan are used with a different result.

These examples show how this bathroom decoration idea can be created on a limited budget, or using some higher end finishes.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a great look, it just takes some planning and creativity.

Now, this space uses wall color to add memorable drama, with the finishes being relatively simple. You’ll notice a unique light fixture, which is really the focal point in the space other than the color.

Remember this: If your bathroom is small, go ahead and use any color you want to create drama, interest and just plain have fun with bathroom decoration ideas. Keep the ceiling white, but otherwise be as creative and funky as you wish.

Use wall color and create a subtle vertical stripe pattern

This photo from MuralsAndFaux will give you an example of a beautiful, subtle faux stripe finish in a bathroom.

The stripes should be 5 to 6 inches wide, and I always prefer that the color combination be subdued and complimentary. Need instructions? Here is a helpful site to help you create a similar look in your bath:

More Bathroom Design Ideas!


1) If you have laminate counter tops...paint them! I have seen this done and it looks pretty darn good if the painting is done right.

Be very selective with color, and if you think a particular shade is too bright or too much color, go one or two shades lighter.

Here are some simple instructions from for painting laminate counter tops

2) Replace some of the fixtures in the space. These selections are a great way to express your decorating style, so have fun and take a little bit of a design risk!

How much you change will depend on your budget, so you might not be able to do everything suggested, but here are some ideas:

a. Find a new mirror, or mirrors for the bath. Does your room have double sinks? Then try two oval, square or rectangular mirrors instead of one large mirror.

b. Replace the light fixture over the sink. There are so many interesting fixtures available at reasonable prices. Just be aware of the electrical box on the wall when you select the new fixture - it needs to fit right over the existing one if you want to keep the cost to a minimum.

c. Purchase a new faucet fixture for the sink, or consider switching out the entire sink as well, as part of the bathroom design ideas you are considering.

3) Clear shower doors can make a small bath look larger and give an updated look to the space.

Or, it might be time to REMOVE those old sliders and switch to a shower curtain on a graceful, curved rod. It is a softer look that might fit your lifestyle and decor preferences.

4) Take the artwork selection outside of the bathroom theme. What do I mean by this? Your bathroom wall decor can make a statement in this room just like any other area of your home. Don’t sell it short.

Bathroom Design Ideas & Thoughts to Keep in Mind:

Decorating ideas for the bath

As you are shopping and making selections, keep some important bathroom design ideas in mind:

  • Most decorating styles work best with consistent material selection. For example, if your faucet is brushed nickel finish, it's a good idea to use that same finish, or one very similar, on the towel bars, as opposed to shiny gold.
  • Follow your interior decor style in the bathroom, as in other rooms of your home. If your home is traditional decor, trim the windows and door(s) with decorative molding, and use crown molding at the ceiling and across the tops of the windows, for example.
  • Before you choose a color specific tile for the floor (let's use teal for example), make sure you really, really love this color, because you'll be looking at it for a long, long time! It might be wiser to select a neutral color for the tile and use teal as an accent or wall color.
  • Consistency in your color palette is also a good thing. It's fun to venture into a new color in the bathroom, but be sure to pull in at least one accent color that appears in the rest of your home.


Decorating with color in the bath


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