Great Ideas for Bathroom Themes

Bathroom Themes

Developing a theme for your bathroom design can be interpreted in a couple of different ways.

The first interpretation falls under the scope of bathroom design ideas and setting the mood for the space.

For example, you may decide that yours will be based on establishing a relaxed, quiet space.

Bathroom Theme Ideas

The colors you might select as a result will be calming shades of blue, cream, tan, etc. And, you will accessorize the bath accordingly, with a combination of task and mood lighting, candles, maybe a subtle faux finish on the walls, and a sheer window treatment to soften the look of the blinds.

Or, you might decide that your plan will be bright, fun and colorful for your home's small powder room.

So, you decide on a color palette of rasberry, lime green and chocolate brown. You're very adventerous so you paint the walls of this space in rasberry. (The floors are tiled in a neutral cream and the ceiling is white).

Your fixtures are off white and you accent the space with small amounts of the other two colors in the palette.

Those are just two examples of interpreting bathroom themes as setting the mood and color palette for the space.

The bathroom in the photo below is a creative example of a vintage, rustic theme. Notice the antique work bench counter tops, vintage mirrors, crates used for storage combined with the vessel sinks and pump style fixtures. Very cool theme for the bath!

Colorful vintage bathroom theme

Let's think about some additional color palettes that may inspire a cool idea for a bathroom theme in your home:

A Blue Theme Color Palett

Blue is always a cool, clean look in a room, particularly the bath.

Combinations of blue,green,white and tan can work very well. Work with all of these colors or concentrate on a blue and white theme...nautical comes to my mind...

A Yellow Theme Color Palett

How about sunny yellow, combined with with shades of blue, aqua, sage green and lavender.

Makes for a nice floral theme, beach/tropical style bathroom, or a kids bath.

A Green Theme color palett

A green color palette in the bath is restful; combine with shades of blue, yellow/gold, deep tan and cream.

This palette could work well in a rustic, log or cabin type decor, and is also an eco friendly bathroom color theme.

Now, how about black and white for the basis of a themed bathroom?

How cool is the bathroom shown at the bottom of this page? Study the photo and see how many elements have been used to create this bathroom!

Would be a great color combo for vintage, retro or contemporary bath designs.

A decorating style can also be the foundation

for the theme in your bathroom.

See this in action in a

Country Style Bathroom

Shabby Chic Bathroom

Tropical Style Bathroom, and a

Tuscan Designed Bathroom

Choosing a Great Bathroom Theme

Bathroom themes can also be interpreted more literally, with the thought of actually setting a 'theme' for the room.

If you love the game of golf, for example, you may decide to establish a golf theme in the bathroom. You can remove the word 'golf' and replace it with any other sport! You get the idea...

Before you rush off to the wallpaper store to purchase your themed border, here are some tips and ideas for you to consider.

1. Who is going to be using this bathroom? If it is mainly going to be used by children, the golf theme example is probably not the way to go. Make sure the theme is appropriate for the user(s).

2. How long do you intend to stay in this particular home? I know that can be a tough question these days, but you should give this question consideration before proceeding with theme based decisions that are relatively permanent.

For example, you may absolutely love the idea of a jungle theme for your bathroom, and you've found these great accent tiles with different jungle animals on them.

They'll be great as part of your back splash! Plus, you found awesome floor tiles that look like they have a zebra cool is that!

That may be true, but think about the next person who may live in this home...they might not love the idea of a jungle themed bathroom as much as you do. And if they are a prospective buyer, that could be huge.

You might decide to alter your 'jungle' plan just a bit, use a deep jungle green on the walls, make sure you have plenty of natural and task lighting in the space, and then use accents to create your jungle look.

The more obvious would be rugs, towels, shower curtain, etc. But think about a really cool jungle stencil on one wall, bamboo window treatment, exotic and colorful artwork, brightly painted storage cabinet and such.

Paint (and stencils) can always be changed and is not expensive nor permanent. Accessories are removable. Remember this when deciding how to go about accomplishing the bathroom theme.

Bath Design in Black and White

3. How much do you love this bathroom theme? You may have seen a picture in a magazine or online, or perhaps visited a home where a particular themed bathroom spoke to you.

Here is some advice. Don't make any significant decisions or purchases until you think about the plan for a few days at a minimum.

If you decide that this bathroom design idea and theme is the way for you to go, then consider using the theme-specifics just in accessories first.

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