Bay Window Treatments

Bay Window Treatmenrs

Great ideas for bay window treatments. Learn how to assess your bay window and the space it's in to make the best window decorating decision!

Bay windows in a home are special, aren't they?

There is something inherently romantic and intriguing about that space between the three adjoining windows that makes us want to create a unique look for the bay.

Bay Window Treatments

There are a few simple considerations you need to think about
that will help you determine what type of
window treatments will be the best for your home.

First, consider the size of the room as compared to the size of the bay window.

Is this a soaring floor to ceiling bay area that is the focal point of the living room, for example? Or, do you have a small bay in the kitchen nook?

A window treatment that would be dramatic in the living room as described would completely overwhelm the small bay in the kitchen.

Your next consideration is the room itself and the function of the bay window. Do you need privacy and/or light filtering? Is this a bedroom, for example, where you need privacy but also want some softness?

Perhaps you also have a built-in bench for seating in the bay, so that is a consideration as well.

Then, take a look at the structure of the bay window. Are there three separately trimmed windows with some 'wall space' between each? If so, you have some additional options for placing curtain panels in between each window if desired.

Finally, a very important consideration is the decorating style of your home. If you have a contemporary to modern style established, you probably won't select white painted plantation shutters for your bay window treatments.

The style of treatment for the bay window should

complement and flow with the decor style of the space.

If you determine that light filtering and/or privacy is needed, there are a variety of great choices including wood blinds, shutters, honeycomb shades, pull down shades, mini blinds and more.

Fabric treatments to accompany these can be as simple as a valance, with the shape, style and cost determined by your evaluation of the bay window as detailed above, your decorating preferences and of course, the budget!

Here are a few ideas for pulling your
window treatment plan together:

For a casual style of decor, consider plantation shutters. They are beautiful, not overly formal, can provide a lot of light or total privacy.

Wood blinds are also a great choice and can be completed with a valance to soften the overall look. The type of valance will depend on your style of decor.

If your bay window has a built in window seat, be conscious of that when selecting your window treatments. Perhaps a honeycomb shade that can be pulled all the way up during the day, so that someone sitting on the window seat won't 'mess up' your window treatment.

For a traditional room decor with a little more formal look, use fabric freely as side panels, in between the windows and as a valance.

If natural light is scarce, keep the fabric very light and breezy, or use no fabric at all...just a blind on the windows.

Run a tension rod across the front portion of your bay window and hang a valance, possibly with side panels, to create a homey and comfortable look.

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