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Beach Home Decorating Ideas

Beach Home Decorating

Home decorating ideas for the best coastal and beach style decor, including furniture, color palette and accessories.

Whether you are literally putting together your decor plan, or transforming a conventional room or home with coastal decor, your design statement will reflect a light, simple, uncluttered and natural look.

The color palette in is, of course, one that reflects water, sky, beach and natural vegetation.

Keep that theme in mind at all times (just chant, "water, sky, beach, ....." as you make your decorating decisions to stay on track!)

Beach Home Decorating Idea

It is helpful to have something in your hand, literally, that has the colors in your palette, to help you make those all important decor decisions.

It may be a fabric, a picture from a magazine, or very likely some paint chips (I use those most of the time).

Go to your local paint store and select some samples in your beach house decor colors - blues, greens, tans, whites/off whites,yellows, etc. Bring them into the space you are decorating to see how they look in the natural light.

Once you are satisfied with the two to three primary selections in your palette, keep them with you at all times!

You may use deeper or lighter shades of those colors, but you will always make wise decisions when you're not relying on memory.

If you are unsure about how much color to bring into your room, it is always a good decision to keep the walls a neutral color and bring the brighter tones into the space with furniture and accessories.

Even so, there a many beautiful neutral shades that offer hints of blue, pink, green, yellow, etc. When the trim is painted a glossy white, the effect is lovely and enduring, and by no means boring.

What's Your Beach Decor Style?

Take a moment to ponder the four beach house living rooms here, courtesy of CoastalLiving.com.

Casual Beach Style Decor

Casual & informal, 'wipe the sand off your feet and get comfortable' is the statement that this first inviting beach style living area makes.

Updated & sleek, this beach home is still a casual experience, with an eclectic feel...wood beams, contemporary lines yet casual overall.

Contemporary Beach Style Decor
Beach style with a rustic flair

Rustic & colorful, the wood paneling and ceiling beams are nicely balanced with the stone fireplace, light fabric furnishings and blue/white striped area rug.

Traditional & well coordinated, this beachy home takes a slightly more formal approach to the style, while remaining colorful and relaxed with the bold fabric on the sofa and colorful accents.

Traditional touch to this Beach Style Living Room

Casual Coastal Deco

The floors in casual home decorating are easy to clean and very informal. Wood and/or tile floors always work well, as they are easy to clean, particularly if you are bringing the coastal decor into a true beach house. Who wants to vacuum every day when you could be out walking on the beach!

Simple area rugs made of natural materials are a great way to break up the space.

Use them under the dining table, in a conversation area, at entrance/exit points and down the hallway. Make sure they are easy to take outside and shake clean.

As you select the upholstery and case goods for your coastal decor, remember simple, easy to clean, light/breezy/fun, durable and functional.

Beach home decorating exemplifies and uncluttered, unencumbered look, with furniture placement to take advantage of the beautiful outdoor views.

Slipcovers are a great way to keep furniture clean (or cover up well worn pieces), and, are a perfect selection for beach home decorating. Indoor/outdoor furniture is a good choice as well, whether wicker, iron or wood.

Avoid very frilly, fussy, shiny fabrics and styles, and stick with natural fabrics in your color palette.

Before you start making accessory selections, decide which way you are going with the beach house decor look.

Beach House Furniture and Accessorie

Are you going to bring in a nautical theme and play that up?

Is a playful beach house theme with flip flops on the shower curtain, for example, your goal?

Do you have a beautiful shell collection as a starting point that will be continued throughout the space?

Decide on the adjectives you will ultimately use to describe your beach home decorating:

Playful, peaceful, bright, nautical, beachy, etc... that will help keep you on track when accessorizing.

Need some great furnishings and accessories? Cool. See what shopping with Great Home Decorating has to offer.

You'll find great choices with a colorful flair in tropical style home decor.

If you bring in too many elements of coastal decor you may unintentionally create a cluttered and flea market type space, which is contrary to the clean and simple beach home decorating design.

You may or may not live in a beach house, but with creative decorating you'll create the look and feel that you love!

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