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Beautiful Bathrooms &
Bathroom Design Ideas

Beautiful Bathrooms

Gorgeous, memorable bathrooms don't just happen...they are created. Here are the bathroom design ideas and photos to help you create the dream bath you've always wanted.

I love looking at photos of beautiful rooms, including bathrooms. We all have our own opinion of what constitutes a beautiful room, and that's good, or else all of our homes would look alike!

So, along with some great bathroom design ideas to consider for your project, here are some great photos of bathrooms with distinctly different styles.

Contemporary Bathroom by San Francisco Architect John K. Anderson Design

It may be one or a combination of characteristics, such as size, color, flooring, wall treatment, cabinetry, lighting, fixtures, architectural/trim details, etc., or the overall style of the room.

Spend enough time with the photo to give yourself an understanding of what it is you love, then work to apply that to your own beautiful bathroom design project, being as specific as you can.

  • For example, you may love the architectural details such as soaring ceilings, crown molding and seemingly endless cabinetry, but the reality is that your bathroom has eight foot wall heights and is not large enough for a massive wall of stunning cabinets.
  • Try to incorporate the elements that you CAN use to emulate that look. If you keep a neutral color palette such as Bone White on the walls and White for all of the trim, crown molding that is a standard size would look great.
  • Select cabinetry that has a similar overall look and feel, scaling down the size to accommodate your particular bathroom. Many times it is the 'bells and whistles' on the cabinetry that are appealing, and that can be emulated on a smaller scale.
  • The floor of the bathroom in the photo you adore may show 20"x20" tiles in a high-end product that is beyond your budget, so look for something that has a similar look but is within reach as far as cost is concerned, and a size that will look the best in your bathroom, such as 16"x16" tiles.
Bathroom Design Idea

Here are some other great bathroom design ideas for you to consider based upon the overall style of beautiful bathroom you are creating:

1) A light color palette overall, with a very soft color on the walls and white trim.

2) Beaded board two-thirds of the way up the walls with either a soft or deep color on the walls above, depending on the decor style of the bathroom.

3) White/off-white cabinetry including several upper cabinets with glass fronts to display towels and toiletries. Works best in a large bathroom.

4) Chandelier as a light fixture - style depends on overall decor and size of the room.

Elegant bath design from SouthernLiving.com


These photos from Benjamin Moore paint offer some insight into how color can set the mood in a bathroom.

Ideas for Beautiful Bath

5) Frosted glass at the window, or stained/frosted glass in place of privacy shade or blind.

6) Claw foot tub set at an angle in the room, or in the center of the bathroom.

7) Inset, open shelving (perhaps a former medicine cabinet cut to about 6" deep) trimmed out to match the doors and windows, used to display small towels and toiletries.

8) Trim out the room openings (doors/windows) with extra wide molding; use the same trim around the mirror.

Small bath with Coastal theme


9) In a small bathroom, make each selection a statement in itself, while tying everything together with color and style.

For example, use a wall covering that has a bold pattern, vintage maps, for example, in shades of tan, gold and brown.

Cabinetry and trim should be medium shade of brown with vintage flair; fixtures should have a vintage look as well.

Trim, perhaps stacked, around doors and windows.

The mirror has a unique shape and vintage look. You may only use a few elements in the room, but those chosen complement each other as well as make their own statement.

10) Use an antique/reproduction china cabinet to hold towels, toiletries and other bath supplies.

Hopefully you have begun the process of creating your very own Beautiful Bathroom, utilizing these bathroom design ideas.

Make your design decisions thoughtfully, working realistically within your budget (possibly completing this project in phases).

Keep the overall color palette and decor style in mind and your bathroom will indeed be beautiful!

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