Ideas for Bedroom Makeovers

weekend redesign? sure!

Bedroom Makeovers


Bedroom makeovers don’t have to be expensive projects, nor do they need to be long, drawn out affairs.With some thoughtful planning and preliminary preparations you can redesign your space in a weekend.

There are two very important steps you need to take before your project begins...Planning and Preparation

Planning takes into consideration the
Color Scheme & the Shopping List

Ideas for Bedroom Makeovers

First, the Color Palette.  Most home design projects include painting the walls, and I highly recommend this step!

Select a color palette based on your:
1) overall color palette in the home,
2) use of this particular bedroom,
3) personality & lifestyle.

Bright and bold...serene and calm...cottage and contemporary...warm and cozy...these are just a few suggestions for the overall theme and color choices.

Most paint stores offer pre-selected color palette suggestions, so take advantage of those and find a palette with three colors that appeal to you and fit into the established color palette in your home.

Select the shade for the walls that you are most comfortable with. If you love color, use a medium tone on the walls that will cause the painted trim to pop and wood floors to glow, for example.

Makeover and Redesign the Bedroom

If calm, serene and subtle describes the goal for this bedroom makeover, then opt for a subtle shade on the walls and use a deeper shade on the accents.

Wallpaper, or Wall Covering (sounds a bit more glamorous, doesn't it?), is making a comeback in a huge way these days. If you have absolutely NO experience with a wall covering project, it might not be the wisest choice for a weekend bedroom makeover project.

But, if you choose to use it as a focal point in the bedroom and put the wallpaper on one wall only, it might be worth the effort. Just be sure to have an experienced helper, or follow detailed instructions to the letter. Trust me...I've done it wrong and it ain't pretty.

Here is an example of how a focal point can be created with wall covering:

Bedroom makeover using wall paper

I love the big, big paisley pattern on the wall. It takes center stage. The accent pillows provide pretty contrast, as do the bed coverings. Note that the rest of the furnishings and decor are very simple, allowing the wall covering the shine.

Here are a few additional, inspiring makeover photos for the bedroom, courtesy of

Romantic Makeover for the Bedroom

Calming blue and white color palette for the Bedroom

Bedroom Makeover with a Coastal Look
Shades of gray in the Master Bedroom

Evergreen Free Shipping

Now for the Shopping List...very important!

 Decide what is going to be replaced for this bedroom redesign.

Here are some suggestions that are simple and budget friendly:

1) New bedding, scatter rugs, lamp(s), artwork, mirror, accent pillows, lampshade(s), window treatments - any combination of these, depending on your budget and desire to create a different look in the room

2) Replace the headboard

3) Purchase new hardware for the case goods in the room. You can create quite a different look by just switching out the drawer pulls on the bedroom furniture!

4) Paint the furniture - if your decorating style fits the bill, a coat of paint and even some intentional distressing can give charm and personality to a tired chest of drawers or dresser.

Ideas for Bedroom Makeovers



I love the way the bedroom above has been put together. Very simple, nothing in that space is appears to be expensive. But, each piece has been selected with care and makes a contribution to the overall look of the room.

Even the floors and trim have personality.

So think about that when you are planning your makeover for the bedroom. You don't have to spend a lot of thoughtful about your selections and you can create a memorable space.

Preparation for Bedroom Makeovers sets the project up for success!

  • This is not the most fun or enjoyable part of the makeover , but ultimately will result in a more successful project. Clean out the clutter!
  • Give this room a thorough cleaning and clearing out.
  • Remove anything that you’ve decided is not going to be a part of the makeover. Take it right out of the room.
  • Clean the room thoroughly, including closets and drawers. Your goal is to open up the space by removing unnecessary furniture and ‘stuff’.

Now you are ready to purchase the paint and any other accessories to complete your project. Go forth and make it so!

More helpful tips for creating a fresh, updated look!

French Country Bedroom

1. Rearrange the furniture.

Place the bed on a different wall, angle the bed or another piece of furniture in a corner, so that not all of the pieces are shoved against the wall or on right angles. This technique will immediately create new interest and dynamics in the bedroom or any other room in your home.

2. Mix and match the bedding

While the bed-in-a-bag has it’s place, successful bedroom makeovers utilize a variety of textures, shades and colors, so find separates that coordinate in those ways, fit the overall theme of the room, but don’t literally match.

3. Utilize dimmer switches and/or 3-way light bulbs

This allows for different intensities of lighting in the bedroom. You may not always want that bright overhead light, so give yourself some options.

4. Consider updating the window treatments.

If your valance is looking a little outdated, remove it. How about a faux wood blind with a simple drapery panel on each side, hung from a decorative iron rod? You gain privacy + the softening effect of the fabric.

Bedroom Makeovers CAN happen in a weekend!

You have planned, cleaned and the time has come to put it all together.

First, take care of the painting, making sure to repair old drywall holes...

Then, arrange the largest pieces of furniture...

When you are satisfied with the arrangement, bring in the bedding and accessories...

Hang the artwork...

Enjoy your freshly redesigned space with weekend time to spare!

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