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Budget home decorating ideas to inspire, encourage, motivate and overall help you to find a way to make your home a place to love.

It really doesn’t matter what the motivation is for you to look at budget decor ideas and tips. For some, it’s the challenge of creating something that just looks expensive. Others just want to get the most for their money. And still other folks just don’t have the money to spend - period.

Whichever group you may find yourself in, here are some simple home decor ideas for you!

Budget Home  Decorating Idea

We are going to take a room, any room as an example, so you decide which one it is going to be in your home, and look at the ways you can creatively and frugally decorate the space.

First let's take a look at the Flooring...

If you have carpet on the floor, your options may be somewhat limited. You can clean it or pull it up and use what is underneath.

I did that in an arts-and-crafts home I once lived in - pulled up the carpet in a den.Underneath the carpet was a beautiful wood floor. We sanded and sealed it, and were left with a gorgeous floor in return. A lot of sweat went into the project but not much money.

I have seen painted concrete floors that were very cool. It requires a certain type of home and lifestyle, but it is something to consider.

Tile and wood floors provide more options for decorating on a budget. One way to give a room new life and interest is by using area rugs.

Place an area rug in a living or dining area to create a feeling of separation from the rest of the room.

Place a small rug at an entry door, a runner in a long, narrow entry, a rug under the coffee table, next to the bed, along with an accent chair/end table in a reading corner...so many possibilities. Combine several to make a more dramatic statement.

Shop at consignment stores, flea markets and discount department stores such as Target and Kohls to find the best buys. Budget home decorating is always resourceful!

Now we'll spend some time with the WALLS in the space

Decorating on a Budget

I love updating the walls in a room, and there are lots of budget home decorating options that just about anyone can do.

Paint is one of the most cost effective ways to totally change the look of a space, so be sure to give this serious consideration. Not sure how a new color will look in your space?

There are some nifty online options for you to use, such as the Benjamin Moore personal color viewer, where you can upload a photo of your own room and actually see how a new color would look on the walls. Pretty cool.

You can:

1) paint the entire room a new color
2) use two colors - one as an accent on an interesting wall or focal point wall
3) faux finish over the existing wall color

Decorating with Paint

Along with the thought of painting comes options for trim. Again, if you are a do-it-yourself home decorator, installing some chair rail might be quite do-able. I did it once with a little bit of instruction, so if I can install chair rail, so can you!

Keep in mind that chair rail does not have to be installed at a certain height in the room. I would not go below 36”, but you could go higher...say 5 or 6 feet. This creates a very unique look.

This budget friendly addition will give you the opportunity to use one color below the chair rail and another above. Place the darker shade on the bottom. The colors might be complimentary or they might contrast - it depends on the size of your room and the decor style in your home.

Other budget home decorating ideas for wall treatments include:

1) Wall Tattoos from Benjamin Moore - an alternative to wall paper that can create a very unique and custom look. Much like using a stencil, they are not costly and with a little practice can be an awesome option when budget home decorating.

2) Wall decals - see lots of options for Inexpensive Wall Decor. There is nothing wrong with cheap ways to create a beautiful space! Just make sure your walls are clean, or better yet, freshly painted, so the decals will truly enhance the surroundings...not point out how dirty the walls are!

Give your existing furniture some creative thought before making any purchases

I really enjoy re-designing an existing space. Some clients are surprised and amazed at what I do with the furniture and accessories they already own.

What is my secret? I look at each piece individually, and don’t make any decisions about where it should be placed based on where it is currently located in the home.

Many times a client will say to me, “I would have never thought of moving that chair out of the bedroom!” That is because in his or her mind, that particular chair belongs in the bedroom. I don’t have that preconceived notion.

So that is the mindset you want to have in your home. Nothing is off limits...nothing HAS to go in a certain place. That is what budget home decorating is all about.

Budget Decorating Idea

Take that thought to another level and apply it to an entire room. I have worked with clients and literally swapped out the dining area for the den, for example. This can work well in an older home that has individual rooms vs. a home that has wide open spaces.

But even so, an Great Room concept can be given an entirely new look by using the living area as the dining and vice versa. All it requires is an open mind and a willingness to experiment with placement.

I know there practical matters that will affect your ability to do certain things, such as cable outlets, chandeliers and the like. But, you get the idea!

How much does this project cost? Nothing, other than time, creativity and some muscle.

Use that same philosophy right down to the artwork on the walls, lamps and accessories.

So there you have it, budget home decorating ideas that can give you a fresh and creative new look to your existing room or home. What are you waiting for?

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