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The best cheap home decorating ideas, with inexpensive home decorating tips, advice and how-to's, including some great faux finish techniques!

I know...the word 'cheap' doesn't always have the best connotation, but sometimes we just have to be honest and realistic about the situation, right?
When you are decorating on a budget, looking for inexpensive home decorating ideas, or would prefer to take the frugal approach, there are many ways to create a unique and stylish home without spending a lot of money. home decorating ideas!

faux finish cheap home decorating ideas

First, let's talk about some cost effective ways to create a dramatic effect with paint.

Faux finishing can go a long way to help create interest, drama and hide a multitude of imperfections if your drywall or plaster is flawed.

One of the simplest, easiest, quickest and most cost effective faux finish techniques is sponging. Here are some quick and easy directions for sponging a color onto your walls.

First and foremost, you need to use two colors at a minimum. One color is the base, and that is the wall color. (Cheap home decorating idea/tip: use the color that is already on the walls if possible).

The other color is going to be sponged onto the wall. You can use more than one color to sponge onto the wall to create a different effect - it's totally up to you!

There are many different effects when faux finishing with the sponging technique, and it depends on the colors you select.

For example, if you choose Bone White for the walls and Bright White to sponge on, you are creating a muted type of faux finish, which can be very beautiful. I have used this technique in my home in the past, and it creates interest in a subtle sort of way.

Or, you can go very bold with your color combinations and create lots of drama with the selections. Whatever you are thinking about using in terms of color,

I always advise creating a color board before putting anything on the walls.

faux finish painting techniques

Here's how: get some inexpensive poster board and the smallest amount of paint you can buy in the colors you are contemplating using. Many paint manufacturers offer samples, which is a great option.

Paint the wall color on the poster board and let it dry. You'll need a sea sponge (not the type of sponge you use to clean the kitchen sink!), which you can buy at any paint store or craft store.

Wet the sea sponge and wring it out well. Dip it ever so slightly into the accent color (I usually put the paint onto a paper plate - you don't need much), then dab the sponge onto a paper towel to remove the excess paint.

You only want a small amount of paint on the sponge.

cheap home decorating ideas Then, start dabbing the sponge onto the poster board, working on about half the poster board at a time. Dab the sponge lightly in different areas and at different angles, overlapping as you go.

You'll find that the color 'fades' as the sponge has less paint on it, and that is exactly what you want. It creates a three-dimensional look. If you are using two or more colors to sponge on, let the first color dry and then sponge on the next color.

Practice on the color board until you are comfortable with both the colors and the technique. Then, go for it and have fun creating a beautiful faux finish that is quick, cost effective and beautiful!


Here are a few more quick and easy cheap home decorating ideas for you. Actually, this doesn't cost anything and can change the look of several areas of your home.

Re-arrange the furniture in at least two rooms of your home and swap out some of the pieces.

For example, switch the lamps, swap out the end tables (use one for a nightstand).

If you have a nook or small eating area that doesn't get used, remove the table/chairs and replace with a small reading area, including an upholstered chair, end table and lamp.

As you are re-arranging, look for ways to use your furnishings that are different than what you have done in the past, or from the expected use of the piece. There is no such thing as a bad or silly idea - give it a try and see how it works.

Do the same with pictures, mirrors, etc., all the way down to the small accessories and nic-nacs.

I have switched out window treatments, too, using a cafe curtain as a longer length valance for a fresh window treatment. You can create an entirely new look! (Hint: remember that you can turn a curtain panel from vertical to horizontal! Instant valance)

Cheap home decorating ideas don't have to look that just takes a little time and imagination to create a beautiful, stylish and inexpensively decorated home.

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