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Use Christmas Candles to Create

a Warm Holiday Glow

Christmas Candles

Decorate with Christmas Candles

Christmas Candles have long been a part of the seasonal celebration. Learn more about their history as well as creative ways to use candles in your holiday decor.

Candles have been used to symbolize family, friendship and holiday spirit for hundreds of years.

Small candles to light up the Christmas tree were used as far back as the XVII century. Over the next several hundred years this tradition was established in Germany and then throughout Eastern Europe.

  • Candles were placed on Christmas trees during the Victorian era, symbolizing the Star of Wonder. At first they were glued with melted wax to a tree branch, or attached with pins.
  • Candle holders came into play around 1890, and by 1914 Christmas candles were placed in lanterns and small glass balls on the tree.
  • A bundle of pine-oil perfumed tapers, tied together with ribbon was given as a holiday gift to loyal customers in the 1800’s by grocers and candle makers, a tradition that is still very popular today.
  • In the United States the tradition of placing a candle in the window was initiated in Colonial times, and symbolizes the warmth, security and also speaks of loved ones who are not at home during the holidays.

It is not surprising that candles are still an integral part of holiday decorating. They are beautiful, warm, inviting, versatile, colorful and many times inexpensive.

If you are on a budget and looking for ways to decorate your home, Christmas candles will most certainly be part of the plan.

NOTE: Before we look at some of the ways to use candles in holiday decorating, a word of caution. Be very, very careful when lighting candles. I know...it’s something we are all aware of.

But I just have to say it anyway. If you are not going to be right there to watch your beautiful candles glow in all of their holiday splendor, don’t light them.

Ok, got that out of the way. Now, here are some ideas for you to help inspire your holiday creativity:

There is a lot to love about the Christmas Candle display shown above:

  1. Simple, yet beautiful, particularly with the soft pink floral background
  2. Varying heights and shapes to keep things visually interesting and balanced
  3. A darker, natural element in the small branches (natural or imitation...doesn't matter) that adds more presence to the display

It is another example of how you can create something beautiful without spending a lot of time, money or effort.

Christmas Decorating Ideas...My Favorite Things!

I searched long and hard to find unique decor for you, to dress up your home for the holidays. See what I've found for Christmas, 2017...

Nothing says 'holidays' better than a fuzzy faux fur mantel scarf! It adds instant style and a sense of the special time the holidays bring.

White-on-white styling with silver accents is awesome, too. 65"w x 10"d; $35.

Fanciful Reindeer and Ornaments removable and reusable wall decor will create a memorable display!

The wood patterned reindeer silhouette includes dangling ornaments in a variety of colors and styles. Place them as you wish 32" x 50", $26.99 from Roommates Decor

Serve your holiday guests with this 20 pc. nostalgic earthenware set.  Four each of dinner, salad, canape plates, 4 bowls and 4 mugs, in a red, green & brown vintage pattern set on an ivory background with twig style rim accent. Darling!  $100.00

Such a unique tree, I just had to include it!

Crafted of PVC and metal, 1137 tips and a sage frosted tree design, this 7 ft pre-lit hard needle Christmas Tree will be the focal point of your natural holiday decor. $410.00

I love the delicate detail of these handcrafted textured glass tealight lanterns from our friends at Plow & Hearth.

Battery powered LED bulbs create a safe way to light up these lanterns. $5.00 to $35.00 ea.

Hand blown glass trees with a lovely, rippled look are stunning. Display them as a pair or combine them with other, colorful holiday decor.

Small tree is 4.75" x 9"; Large is 5" x 12". $25 - $35

Use just one or purchase them all, this trio of faux fresh cypress topiaries will create a naturally colorful holiday look in your home.

At 22", 30" and 37" high, they are so versatile! $25 - $50

Happy Holidays quote that can be placed anywhere in your home, then removed and stored for next year!

Would look great in an entry, family room, or any area of your home. $23.99

Keep the reason for the season in your heart and in your home with this beautifully crafted Holy Family from Enesco Foundations. Gorgeous detail.

Size 8" x 12", $100

Natural looking noble fir needles with pine cones, eucalyptus and cypress create a beautiful holiday wreath and garland, offered in both lit and unlit options.

Priced from $85 to $169

Forego the tree skirt for a natural mango wood and galvanized metal tree collar. Also offered in seagrass, coastal shells, woven, and 'Santa belt' styles.


How adorable are these little reindeer tealight holders, with their holly berry antlers and hand painted bodies?

They're sure to bring holiday cheer to your home! 16" and 19" high, $28 - $36

Tips for Creating Beautiful Christmas Candle Displays

  • Arrange your candle displays in groups of 3, or in odd numbers. What I mean is, use three elements in your display. The candles themselves are lovely of course, but add two other elements for interest and cohesiveness. If it makes sense and you have enough space, use more than 3 elements but keep it to an odd number (notice the 5 elements in the pretty pink background photo above).

For example, if you have a window display, use candles, greenery and small white lights wound in and through the greenery. Three elements. Much more complete, and beautiful, than candles alone.

  • Vary the height, size and shape of the candles.

What would you prefer to see...

1) Five single white tapers in identical candle holders, lined up in a row on the mantel. Or,

2) A candle in the shape of an angel resting on a lace doily, a single taper in a short crystal candle holder and a trio of snowball shaped candles, all five grouped together, staggered in their placement. Add a few small sprays of delicate pine branch greenery and you have created a beautiful display with personality and charm.

  • Use colors that compliment your home and holiday decor.

Christmas candles are available in just about every color you can imagine...size and shape, too. Think beyond traditional holiday colors and coordinate your candle displays with the rest of your home. It may require a bit more planning and searching, but the result is well worth the effort.

  • Find treasures in your home to set the candles into, around, and on top of, to create unique displays.

There are no rules for displaying candles other than to be safe with the flame if they’re lit, so experiment with different media to come up with your own vision.

Want a bit more inspiration? Here are some creative and simple ideas like the photo below, from our friends at Better Homes and Gardens. Get all the details and see more photos here: BHG.com

More Holiday Decorating Ideas!

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