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Christmas Decorating Ideas - Part 2
Establish a Theme for Your Holiday Home

Christmas Decorating with a Theme

So, your home is ready for holiday decorating, you've organized the selection of existing Christmas decorations and are ready to start placing them, right?

Not quite yet. There is another important step for you to complete.

When you see beautifully decorated holiday homes in magazines, on home tours, online, etc. there is usually one characteristic they have in common.

Each home has an element, one or maybe several, that repeats throughout the holiday decor.

Simple Holiday Decorating Ideas

This common element could be a combination of a specific color + specific thing, such as birds, for example. Or it could be a certain style of greenery (usually faux) that has a type of berry, flower, frond, etc.

Whatever the common element is, you will see it on the Christmas tree, mantel, centerpiece, table top and so on.

It it not always boldly stated, but the common element, or theme, is what unifies the holiday decor, pulls everything together and makes a beautifully inspired holiday statement.

For example, last year I used the theme of a beautiful holiday silk flower cluster...I had about 15 or so of these lovely silks that had been purchased a few years back.

Beautiful holiday silk floral

I placed some of these silks:

  1. amongst the branches of the Christmas Tree
  2. nestled around the base of some of my Santa's that I display
  3. placed with lights and other natural looking garland on the top of my piano (for you it could be on the mantel)
  4. around the base of the Christmas Tree as part of a garland 'tree skirt'

Here is a photo of the tree (slim and simple) and a close up of the natural garland tree 'skirt'

Share your holiday decor with our off your beautiful home! It's easy...just go to the Holiday Decorating page and complete the simple form. You can upload your photos, too!

All you need is some creative thinking and a collection of something that you enjoy!

Take a careful look at your current assortment of holiday decorations. Is there a common element already established?

Here are some suggestions:

  • white lights
  • gold bulbs
  • birds/nests
  • a particular flower
  • candles
  • grapevine
  • berries
  • wreathes
  • gift wrapped packages
  • small trees
  • and so on

Your common element may already be a part of your everyday decor. For example, in our log home I used a faux red berry as a common element throughout the home.

At holiday time I added a similar berry as part of the Christmas decor and used it in the tree, on the stairs, table tops and around my Santa collection.

Holiday Theme in Neutrals

source unknown

If you are undecided, look through some holiday home decorating magazines for Christmas design ideas. Your common element could be as simple as green Christmas tree branches/roping (real or faux) used throughout your home with white lights.

I love the neutral holiday theme of the photo above...understated natural and elegant.

By adding just a couple more pieces to it, you will have a beautiful holiday theme that is not expensive to implement!

Natural Holiday Theme with Green Plants

Now for the fun part of holiday decorating! It's time to place your seasonal decor and create your holiday home!

Christmas Decorating Ideas Phase III It's Time to Decorate!

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