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Christmas Decorating Ideas - Part 3
Create a Beautiful & Cohesive Holiday Home

Decorate Your Home for the Holidays

This is the third in a series of Christmas Decorating articles on how to create a beautiful and memorable holiday home.

Those breathtaking photos that you see in magazines and online don't just suddenly happen. Whether the decor is simple, rustic and natural or full of victorian elegance, the end result is because of careful planning.

Guess what? A memorable holiday home is the result of the same type of planning.

Traditionally Styled Holiday Home


Our Holiday and Christmas Decorating began with organizing our home and holiday decor. Then, we talked about establishing a theme for the holidays and how to incorporate that theme into home decor.

Now we are going to take the plan that was created and put it into action!

Christmas Tree in a Log Home

We're going to discuss the Christmas tree as another topic, so for now just make sure you have established the location for your main tree and adjusted furniture accordingly.

When I decorate my home for the holidays, I place the larger pieces first, then move down in size to the smallest.

Do you plan to have a number of Christmas trees in varying sizes and shapes? Do you have a collection of Santas, angels, snowmen, etc? Place the largest of these pieces now - they are your anchor pieces.

Once you have the largest pieces placed, work down to the smaller items. Try to place your decorations in two's or three's, and feel free to put your collections together in this manner as well.

If you are going to use branches of any type on your mantel, table top, windows, etc., place the branches first and get them situated the way you want them before adding anything else to the display.

If you are placing three angels together, for example, unless it is a set that belongs together, I would suggest three different heights and styles of angels.

Then, put your common element in with this display as well.

If your common element is tree branches/roping, then place a little of that with the angels. The goal is to have each display be complete in itself. Here is an example:

Christmas Holiday Display

If you are using candles and roping on the mantel, add some lights (whatever your chosen theme is) to warm it up. Do you have a flower, frond, berry, etc. that is your common element?

Use some of that in this display. Decorating is a 'building' process. You start with the basics and add to them, building a beautiful holiday display.

The specifics of what you will use will vary according to your home, preferences, budget and style. But you can use these fundamentals to create a beautiful holiday home.

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