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Christmas Decorating Ideas and TipsChristmas Decorating Ideas and Tips


Love the holiday season but don't know where to begin to decorate your home for the holidays? No worries! Here is all the help you need!

Christmas is a magical time of year for many of us, myself included. I love the sights, sounds, and most of all the life-changing meaning of the Christmas holiday. There's nothing like it!

To celebrate the season, we enjoy adorning our homes, inside and out, with beautiful, colorful and inspiring holiday decor.So how do you achieve all of this? Running a little short of ideas and creativity?

Let's put a plan of great festive decorating ideas together that will work for you!

It is separated into three very simple and easy to manage phases. The basics are for any type of decor and size of budget.

  • We start with...Organizing your Decorations. I know, not very exciting, but extremely helpful, particularly if you have quite a holiday collection.
  • Next we'll Establish a Theme for your holiday home.
  • Our third and final step is to put these great ideas in action and get to the Holiday Decorating!

As you read through the Christmas decorating ideas, take those that appeal to you (and your budget) and have fun transforming your home!

Christmas Decorating Ideas Phase I - Organizing

1. First, as you start thinking about your seasonal decorating ideas, remember that bright red and green aren't the only choices for holiday colors. If you l-o-o-o-v-e those colors, that's great. Use them and be happy. I love the simple, natural yet traditional look of the Living Area shown above. It's peaceful.

Here is another way to approach your holiday decorating colors - look around your home and see what color palette you have already established, then use appropriate shades of red and or green, or gold, silver, blue, pink, teal, aqua, brown, etc. to keep a consistent color scheme. Your home will look it's best and your holiday decorating will be a success.

If you are absolutely clueless about what to do with holiday colors, I would advise using a gold and white overall decorating theme. You really can't go wrong. More about that in a minute.

Now that you know what your holiday color palette will be, here is the next Christmas decorating idea for you, and it is a time and stress saver, so listen up!

Take out all of your existing holiday decorations BEFORE you do anything. Literally take them from their storage boxes and organize them into two main categories - the decorations you will be using this year, and those you are not going to use.

Once you've gotten to that point, put the 'not using' group back into storage and out of sight. Now you know what you're working with.

Take the holiday decorations you are going to use this season and group them according to what they are. (Christmas tree decorations such as ornaments can be put into a separate group for now.)

For example, I have a collection of Santa's, so I unwrap them and put them together. I also have several different types of holiday greenery, so I group those as well, and so on.

By taking a little extra time to organize you'll do a better job of decorating.

We'll talk more about this in a minute. Oh, and don't forget the lights - try and find them all and group them together, too.

Your next Christmas decorating idea is still for the 'prepping' stage, but it's really critical to a beautiful holiday home. Take your existing non-holiday accessories...the nic-nacs, pictures, etc. that are typically a part of your home decor and put them away until the holidays are over.

Remove the accessories from every room you plan to decorate. I literally take these items and put them in my holiday storage boxes. Do your surroundings look a little bare right now? That's okay - we're going to take care of that real soon!

WHAT COMES NEXT for our Holiday Decorating Ideas?
Phase II - Establish the Theme!

Holiday Living Room with Blue and White Theme


2. So, your home is ready for holiday decorating, you've organized the selection of existing Christmas decorations and are ready to start placing them, right?

Not quite yet. There is another important step for you to complete.

When you see beautifully decorated holiday homes in magazines, on home tours, online, etc. there is usually one characteristic they have in common.

Each home has an element, one or maybe several, that repeats throughout the holiday decor.

This common element could be a combination of a specific color + specific thing, such as birds, for example. Or it could be a certain style of greenery (usually faux) that has a type of berry, flower, frond, etc.

Whatever the common element is, you will see it on the Christmas tree, mantel, centerpiece, table top and so on.

It it not always boldly stated, but the common element, or theme, is what unifies the holiday decor, pulls everything together and makes a beautifully inspired holiday statement.

I came across this post and just had to share it with you, the ideas are unique and do-able for just about anyone, and the results are gorgeous. They are from the home of New York floral designers Michael and Darroch Putnam, of Putnam and Putnam.

For example, one year I used the theme of a beautiful holiday silk flower cluster...I had about 15 or so of these lovely silks that had been purchased a few years back when we live in our log home.

I placed some of these silks:

  1. among the branches of the Christmas Tree
  2. nestled around the base of some of my Santa's that I display
  3. placed with lights and other natural looking garland on the top of my piano (for you it could be on the mantel)
  4. around the base of the Christmas Tree as part of a garland 'tree skirt'

Here is a photo of the tree (slim and simple) and a close up of the natural garland tree 'skirt'

If you are undecided, look through some holiday home decorating magazines for Christmas design ideas. Your common element could be as simple as green Christmas tree branches/roping (real or faux) used throughout your home with white lights.

By the way, are you in 'The More Christmas Trees the Better' Club? Every tree doesn't have to be 7 ft can use holiday trees of any size and design throughout your home! Here are some of the nifty Christmas Trees that caught my eye this season, from our friends at Wayfair:

source unknown

I love the neutral holiday theme of the photo above...understated natural and elegant.

By adding just a couple more pieces to it, you will have a beautiful holiday theme that is not expensive to implement!

Now for the fun part of holiday decorating! It's time to place your seasonal decor and create your holiday home!


I found these ideas for your holiday decorating inspiration, courtesy of our friends at Southern Living.

You don't have to spend a lot of money to create a beautiful holiday home!

See all 100 holiday ideas here!

Cluster ornaments on the Christmas Tree
Hang a Holiday Wreath without Nails
Floating Candles Instead of a Holiday Runner
Use Peacock Feathers in a Holiday Arrangement
Use a Basket Instead of a Tree Skirt
'Wrap' the Coffee Table
Make Your Own Christmas Stockings

Christmas Decorating Ideas, Phase 3
It's Time to Decorate!


3. Those breathtaking photos that you see in magazines and online don't just suddenly happen. Whether the decor is simple, rustic and natural or full of Victorian elegance, the end result is because of careful planning.

Guess what? A memorable holiday home is the result of the same type of planning.

Our Holiday and Christmas Decorating began with organizing our home and holiday decor. Then, we talked about establishing a theme for the holidays and how to incorporate that theme into home decor.

Now we are going to take the plan that was created and put it into action!

We're going to discuss the Christmas tree as another topic, so for now just make sure you have established the location for your main tree and adjusted furniture accordingly.

When I decorate my home for the holidays, I place the larger pieces first, then move down in size to the smallest.

  • Do you plan to have a number of Christmas trees in varying sizes and shapes?
  • Do you have a collection of Santas, angels, snowmen, etc? Place the largest of these pieces now - they are your anchor pieces.

Once you have the largest pieces placed, work down to the smaller items. Try to place your decorations in two's or three's, and feel free to put your collections together in this manner as well.

If you are going to use branches of any type on your mantel, table top, windows, etc., place the branches first and get them situated the way you want them before adding anything else to the display.

If you are placing three angels together, for example, unless it is a set that belongs together, I would suggest three different heights and styles of angels.

Then, put your common element in with this display as well.

If your common element is tree branches/roping, then place a little of that with the angels. The goal is to have each display be complete in itself.

If you are using candles and roping on the mantel, add some lights (whatever your chosen theme is) to warm it up. Do you have a flower, frond, berry, etc. that is your common element?

Use some of that in this display. Decorating is a 'building' process. You start with the basics and add to them, building a beautiful holiday display.

The specifics of what you will use will vary according to your home, preferences, budget and style. But you can use these Christmas decorating ideas and fundamentals to create a beautiful holiday home!

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