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A beautiful and natural Christmas holiday table

The best Christmas decorating tips that will help you create a beautiful holiday home. Simple and budget friendly, these Christmas decorating ideas will get your holiday decorating off to a great start!

Decorating for the holidays is supposed to be fun, joyful and a positive experience for us. However, unless there is a plan in place, or at least some direction to the event, more stress is created than need be.

No worries! Here is my gift to you, these three Christmas decorating tips...

Sights...Sounds...Scents of the Holidays!

The three S's of Christmas decorating made simple!

Follow these simple directives and you can't help but create a beautiful holiday home, suited to your budget and decor, in a way that will be enjoyable and fit into your lifestyle.

We'll talk about them one at a time, but it's really all about putting the three S's together that will complete your holiday decor.

Find a comfortable chair and a tasty beverage, grab something to take notes with, relax...,then spend a few minutes reading through the material, creating your holiday decorating plan.

Decorating Tips and Ideas for Christmas


Christmas Decorating Tip #1 - Sights of the Holidays

Christmas Decorating Tips for Your Home

A Scandinavian Holiday Home

How do you want your house to look when the holiday decorating is complete?

Do you love traditional holiday colors? glitter and shimmer? natural elements? 'less is more' or 'more & more' decorating philosophy? sacred/traditional/mixed decorating theme? Christmas is for kids theme? Sophisticated and modern? garland and greenery?

Those are just a few Christmas decorating tips to get your mind working.

It's always helpful to write down your thoughts, making a list of the type of holiday decor you enjoy. Keep it short and simple. For example, your list might look something like this:

  • less is more
  • natural elements
  • white lights & red berries everywhere
  • traditional decorations with my Santa collection
  • lots of Christmas trees - different sizes (artificial)

Once your list is complete, compare your holiday decor plan with your actual Christmas decoration inventory.

What do you currently have that will fit well into your new holiday decor plan? Do you need to make some purchases? Probably a few, right? Just keep in mind that holiday decorations are no different than any other types of purchases.

For example, if your list includes a variety of natural looking artificial Christmas tree in varying sizes, with white lights and red berries on them, there are many sources for trees of this type.

If the budget dictates, shop online/in stores like Target, Kmart, Lowes, even drugstore chains like Walgreens. White lights are inexpensive and found everywhere. The red berries can be found in sprigs or as garland, most likely at a craft store.

Holiday Mantel decorating ideas

Purchase a bunch of baby's breath, use it natural (or spray it white, or red) by cutting off small pieces and placing them throughout your trees. The graceful holiday mantel shown above uses greens and fresh flowers; I would substitute good quality silk florals for a longer lasting look.

I've been known to wander outside picking twigs and small branches off of local brush and use those in my Christmas trees and other holiday decor.

The simplest of trees will gain beauty and charm when adorned with lights and berries. Cover the base with 'cotton snow'.

Using this same holiday decorating theme, you might pull out all of your red Christmas bulbs for the main Christmas tree in your home. Make sure you have enough white lights for decorating the tree, and shop for some natural looking garland such as grapevine, to include your natural elements. (Notice I did not say red ribbon - different theme!)

This is just one example of how to create a theme on paper, use what you have and add to it, to create a beautiful and updated holiday decor.

Christmas Decorating Tip #2 - Sounds of the Holidays

Beautiful white holiday lights on the mantel


What goes through your mind when you think about Christmas sounds? Jingle Bells? Handel's Messiah? Santa's ho-ho-ho? Silent Night? A crackling fire in the fireplace? Whatever you love to hear during the holidays, plan ahead and make sure it is part of your holiday home decor!

Jingle bells on the front door (or any door), for example, is a very simple way to include that happy sound in your home.

Look for figures to display (Santa, snowman, nativity scene, reindeer, etc) that are also musical and play songs that you love to hear. You get not only the decor but the sound, too!

Shop for the holiday CD's and DVD's that have the songs you enjoy, then make sure you play them! I like to enjoy holiday music for the entire month leading up to Christmas, how about you?

Christmas Decorating Tip #3 - Scents of the holidays

What are your favorite holiday scents? For some of us it is a trip down memory lane, thinking of the scents that spelled 'Christmas' for us when we were growing up.

You might love the scent of fresh evergreen and holly berries. Even if a real Christmas tree is not for you, there is always the option of purchasing fresh greenery or a wreath, to bring that distinctive scent into your home.

You can place the branches in any room of your home where you want to enjoy their scent. Put together a very simple display of fresh evergreen branches, candles (for display, not necessarily for lighting), holly berries, etc.

holiday bannister and wreat

Greens, Colors and Lights for the Holidays

Another way to bring a wonderful scent to your home is with beautiful holiday candles. You name it, there is a candle that carries that scent!

Room fresheners that provide a hint of berry, evergreen, ginger cookie, and so on, are another efficient and budget friendly way to transform your home's scent for the holiday season. This is a great way to bring in a holiday aroma without a lot of muss and fuss.

Of course, if you love the fresh baked cookie aroma, make some cookies! If it fits your holiday decor, make gingerbread men and turn some of them into tree ornaments.

Fresh fruit like oranges and lemons, displayed in glass bowls with a holly wreath around the bowl, for example, will provide a pleasant, fruity scent. Use your imagination to create the holiday scents that you love!

So there you have it...the Sights, Sounds and Scents of the holiday season, great Christmas decorating tips brought together with a little forethought and planning, to create a beautiful holiday home.

You don't have to spend a lot of money as long as you are willing to put a little time into the search.

Start planning early on in the season to minimize the stress, follow the three S's and have a great Christmas holiday season!

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