Ideas for Christmas Table Decorations

create a memorable holiday table

Christmas Table Decorations

Beautiful Holiday Table DecoratingBeautiful Holiday Table Decorating

Ideas for Holiday decorating that will fit any style and budget. Find tips for your centerpiece that will create a beautiful dining table, like the beautiful, stylish, glistening Christmas table shown above.  Creating memorable decorations start with the same decorating fundamentals as your home.

You'll have success and be happier with the results of your efforts when you:

Decide on a theme...take a look around your home. Are you a nature lover who brings the outdoors in?

Do you love traditional types of decor? Does formal living suit your lifestyle?

Or maybe you just wake up in the morning and see what the day brings...whatever type of life and decorating style suits you, your holiday decor, including holiday table decorations, should reflect the same.

Christmas Table Decorations

Select a color palette...look around your home.

Whether you made a conscious effort to select a color scheme or simply picked out what you like, there are colors repeated in your home. Select two of those colors and use them for your holiday decor.

Die hard traditionalists will say "no, I must use red and green!" That's fine...incorporate those colors into the table decorations.

Determine a budget...which may mean not spending a dime, or maybe spending $20, $50, $ doesn't matter how much money you plan to spend to create your holiday table.

But it is very helpful to make this decision first, because it will tell you where you're going to find your decor for the table.

12 Ideas for Stunning Christmas Table Decorations

Holiday entertaining ideasHoliday entertaining ideas

Some are very simple and can use what you already have or can go out and find for little or no cost. Or, give it a homemade touch to create an original design.

Other tips may require an expenditure or two, but remember you can always go to discount stores, dollar stores, thrift stores, flea markets and consignment shops for inexpensive holiday decor items if the budget is limited.

1) Find little boxes of varying shapes and sizes. Wrap these small 'presents' with a variety of holiday paper and ribbon. Scatter them down the middle of the table with holly garland. Place a 'gift' on each guests dinner plate.

2) Use cloth dinner napkins and wrap a narrow gold (or whatever color is in your holiday palette) ribbon around the napkin; place on dinner plate. If it suits your style and decor, use dinner napkins in two different colors and either wrap them together or alternate dinner plates.

3) If your dining table is looking worn, use a tablecloth in your color palette to set the foundation for the theme. Even if your table looks great, a tablecloth is a traditional yet beautiful way to set off the rest of the Christmas table decorations.

4) Put one Christmas bulb on each guest's plate as a gift. Go to thrift shops or flea market to find inexpensive/vintage bulbs that reflect your style and color theme. Use bulbs down the center of the table and/or in a clear glass or crystal vase as the centerpiece.

5) If your dining table is large enough, create a vignette centerpiece using a standing Santa, reindeer, sleigh, Christmas tree, etc. Place the pieces at angles so that the vignette looks good from all sides of the table.

6) Use small wreaths to encircle a pillar candle. Place the largest in the center of the table and smaller out toward the ends.

7) Take a serving dish or platter and place a tall slim candle with holder in the middle. Surround the candle with fresh flowers placed on the platter. Or, use quality faux florals, greenery or whatever suits your style to surround the candle.

Christmas party decoratingChristmas party decorating

8) Use fresh fruit as part of your theme...apples, oranges, pears, along the center with holly garland, berry sprigs, etc. Fill a glass or crystal vase with the fruit as a centerpiece. Place a piece of fresh fruit on a holiday napkin on each guest's dinner plate.

9) Add nuts and pine cones to the fruit and garland mentioned to add to the natural theme of this decor. Use a wicker basket for the centerpiece, filled with these items.

10) Create a Christmas tree vignette as a centerpiece with varying shapes and sizes of small trees. Place trees down the center of the table with cotton 'snow'. Use one tree as the centerpiece and place it on a cake pedestal for height.

11) Candles are always a good choice. Use varying widths and heights for interest and add evergreen garland to fill in the spaces. Don't use scented candles as they might interfere with the diners enjoyment of your holiday meal.

Use caution when lighting the candles and keep them away from napkins, etc. A colorful tablecloth would look beautiful as a base for this Christmas table decoration.

12) Use all silver and white table decorations, including white candles, and present to your guests with dimmed lighting for a sophisticated holiday meal.

Plan ahead for your Christmas table decorations to give yourself time to budget, shop and prepare. You will create a beautiful holiday table and have time to enjoy it!

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