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Christmas Wreath Decorating

holiday jewerly for your home!

Christmas Wreath Decorating

The best and easiest Christmas wreaths are a fundamental part of the Christmas decorating process. How do you create this beautiful wreath? Here are some tips and ideas for you!

First, decide whether you will use artificial or real garland in your holiday decorating.

My vote is always for the artificial. They don't shed, always look great and store very well.

Christmas Wreath Decorating Ideas

Determine where your Christmas wreaths will be placed. Not sure?

Walk outside your home and look at all of the exterior windows.

Is there some symmetry there that will be enhanced with a wreath hanging in each window?

Some home exteriors will look more beautiful than others, so be honest in your evaluation. (If your home has a double entry door, hang a wreath at both doors, not just one door.)

If you decide that, yes, a wreath hanging in each window would be great, then purchase a wreath of appropriate size (measure before you shop!) and hang it from florist wire, on the inside or outside depending on your particular home.

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A beautiful Christmas wreath hanging on the exterior of your front door could be adorned with accents that blend in and accentuate the exterior of your home.

For example, I lived in a Craftsman style home for several years, and placed a simple grapevine wreath on the exterior of the home in each window. I also placed a candle light on the interior of each window. For the front door, I continued the grapevine theme and added some natural 'twigs' and berries.

Creating your own unique Christmas wreath will always produce a unique result as opposed to purchasing one already made up (unless you can find just what you are looking for that suits your decor really well!)

Use florist wire to attach your accents to the wreath. Select a style of wreath that compliments your decor, so it may be greenery, grapevine, white feathers, etc. Just make sure it fits in with your home's established decor!

Natural Holiday Wreathes

Is your home decor French Country? Then you may want to use a grapevine wreath with fruit, for example, for your holiday decorating. Continue the theme you have already established in your home.

Determine the two or three primary colors that make up your color palette. Then, use those colors to select accents for your Christmas wreath.

Share your holiday decor with our readers...show off your beautiful home! It's easy...just go to the Holiday Decorating page and complete the simple form. You can upload your photos, too!

Go to a craft store and look for small items, bulbs, ribbon, etc that you can use on your wreath. Whatever you select, make sure it also fits the theme, or style of your overall home decor.

Not sure what to do? Keep it simple! Use real or faux greenery, add a ribbon bow (please, purchase the ribbon that matches your decor and make the bow!) with florist wire and you're done.

When you create the bow, make sure it is large enough and the stems of the bow hang to the lower edge of the wreath.

Whatever you decide to do, have fun, use the color palette and decor them you have already established, and your Christmas wreath will be a success!

Now that you're motivated to find the perfect wreath(s) for your holiday decorating, why not start right here? You'll find a variety of styles, sizes, colors and price points. Have fun!

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