Coastal Decor

Ideas & Tips for a Casually Beautiful Home

Coastal Decor

Home decor that is a casual, relaxed style and can reflect a nautical, tropical or beach style of decorating.....that is the Coastal look for your home!

Whatever emphasis suits your lifestyle and home, the look is fluid, easy-care and natural, like the inviting Beach influenced Coastal Style bedroom shown above.

Close your eyes and visualize a sunny, breezy day on the beach...water in various shades of blue and green, sand and shells, plant life, white fluffy clouds floating by, weathered wood decks bobbing in the shallow water, colorful Adirondack chairs awaiting guests...these are all the components of coastal decor.

Keep these elements in mind as you create your own unique interpretation of this casual style of living. Here are some ideas to help you get your plan moving.

Elements of Coastal Decor

Colors: remember the vision! Natural shades of tan and light brown, pale blues and soft greens, white and off-white, of course, perhaps an accent of putty, chocolate or deep shade of blue or green.

The overall look, though, is light and never heavy or oppressive. White is almost always present in homes with this decorating style.

Floors: Wood in it’s natural state, tile, berber carpet...any of these selections will help create the coastal decor you desire. Scatter rugs in natural textures and textiles are always a good choice.

Furniture: Casual upholstery that says “come sit on me” is the look to create. Mix and match fabrics, but keep things relatively simple and uncomplicated.

That is the secret to this decorating style, whether you accent with a tropical, nautical or beach feel.

Nothing fussy, overdone or crowded in this style of decorating. The look of slipcovers fits right in with this casual style, and could breathe new life into a tired but functional piece of upholstery.

Case goods can be colorful, painted, weathered wood, natural wood, wicker, vintage or a combination of all. Strive to create an interesting, casual and un-contrived (is that a word?) space... nothing too matchy-matchy about this style. The photo above from is a perfect example of it!

Lighting: You can have some fun in this area, and use vintage, themed, casual, flea market style table get the idea. Stay away from staunch traditional types of lamps, as they portray a different feel than coastal decorating calls for.

Look for unique lighted ceiling fans that contain elements of your theme, as they will fit in well (picture the fan blades rotating slowly on a warm afternoon, the lightweight curtain panels at the windows ruffling ever so gently in the breeze they create).


Window Treatments: As mentioned above, window treatments are lightweight and casual, and could possess an interesting texture as well.

Some settings may benefit from no window treatments at all, as in the photo above.

Or, you might decide that plantation shutters, faux wood blinds or a simple roman shade will do quite nicely in your home.

Accessories: You can pull your space together with accessories, just be careful not to create a flea market with too many things going on in the room.

This style is not about how much stuff you can cram into a home. Rather, it is casual and relaxing, with space to move around and nothing that will take away from the feel, and hopefully the view, of the outdoors.

One approach to accessories and accents is to search for unique pieces for display on walls or tables, with just a few key elements to complete the look.

Coastal Decor in the Kitchen

Celadon green is the focus of this Coastal Style Kitchen, and it is incorporated into several of the key finishes in the space. White corian countertops add brightness, and I love the custom painted chandelier in a shade of grapefruit pink!  Very unique!

In contrast, this Coastal inspired Kitchen with a modern feel uses contrasts or dark / light to create a memorable style. The pair of large wicker pendant lights balance out the space.

Enjoy creating your relaxed and casual style home. Then, enjoy living in it!

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