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Let's talk about how using color creates a feel, or personality. What do the colors in your home say about you?

There are some generally accepted interpretations of the effects different colors have on us and our environment.

It's not a case of 'good' or 'bad', but rather understanding how the use of color in our homes can actually have an effect on our emotions.

Warm Colors & Cool Colors - What Are They?


The color YELLOW reminds most of us of sunshine and heat. Red and orange can bring thoughts of fire. These are known as 'warm colors', and when used in our homes can give us 'warm' feelings.

What is Your Color Personality?

Yellow can definitely bring a sunny disposition to a room or space in your home. There are some beautiful, soft yellow shades that create a warm feeling without being overpowering.

The bright, true yellow that we think of with our crayolas can be overwhelming to some, so most of the time it's wise to opt for a toned-down shade.

RED - A vibrant red is stimulating, exciting and is often used in restaurants and dining rooms as it can also stimulate the appetite! Red is a powerful, passionate color.

If you want the walls in your space to speak the loudest in your home decor plan, a shade of red will certainly accomplish that goal.

Using red, or shades of red, as an accent color can give your space warmth and interest while being calmed down by the other, more predominant colors in the space.

ORANGE - If you are looking for a friendly color that is a little less dramatic than red, think about using a shade of orange. It is a warm, happy color that invites us to enjoy our surroundings.

The softest shades of orange can create a beautiful backdrop for a soothing yet welcoming space.


Thoughts of the outdoors bring us to the cooler colors of blue, violet and green. These are peaceful and tranquil colors that remind us of landscapes and beautiful bodies of water.

GREEN is a color that works well in any room of our homes. I love using green because it brings the outdoors into my home, and, it is peaceful and calming...must be what I need for my color personality palette :)

beautiful soft green walls in this Transitional Living RoomBeautiful soft green walls in this Transitional Living Room are the backdrop for the patterns on fabric pieces, art and accents.

It's a great color for the bedroom, living room, or really any room or space in our home. Whether soft and sweet or bold and beautiful, green brings out the best in us and our home!

BLUE -  Another soothing and calming color is blue, which is why you'll find this color in the bedroom quite often when thinking about color personality.

Mixed with shades of green, you can create a cool and relaxing environment in any room of your home.

Keep in mind that some say blue is not a good choice for the dining area as it may suppress the appetite...hmmm, maybe that's not all bad!

Dining area with purple walls and colorful accentsDining area with purple walls and colorful accents. Glass top table and simple seating provide balance.

Violet - This color may work well as an accent rather than the 'main event' in a room. The cool, calming effect comes as bright violet is toned down and becomes a very soft shade of violet, and that is when it can be the most beautiful.

Or, go with the drama and create a bold statement with purple walls. 

I once lived in a home that used a soft violet in the master suite along with medium dark wood floors and white painted trim. The area was quite large and had ample natural light. The overall effect was lovely.

More Thoughts on Color Personality...

  • Two color combinations to avoid using directly together (unless it is time for holiday decorations!) & bright blue/bright red, unless you really know how to put color together.
  • Brown is too low key if used throughout an area without adding texture and/or another color to enhance it. Soft aqua and cream are a nice addition to the color palette.
  • Ivory/cream: more warm and rich than white - signifies quiet, pleasantness, calm, understated elegance, purity, softness. Use texture to bring in the interest and personality with this choice of color palette.
  • Turquoise: Mixes well with pale pinks and lavenders for a feminine look. Create a retro scenario with turquoise and pink or art deco by combining it with white and black.
  • White: All white rooms can be uncomfortable with a stark atmosphere. White is useful for a background or accent color as it highlights other colors. White is perceived by the eye as a brilliant color.

Find the colors and shades that speak to you, so your home can be a haven of peace and reflect your very own color personality!

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