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Color and decorating trends are to some extent exactly as the word states...trends.

I don't run out and purchase new furnishings and accessories as interior design trends come and go, and you probably don't either. But, it's fun to check out the latest and greatest in interior design trends.

And, there are some great ideas and concepts that could be incorporated into your home's decor without breaking the bank.

Popular color palettes in decorating change from year to year, along with fashion trends. So what can you do to keep up with the latest, if you so choose, and not have to redesign your home each year?

Here are some simple tips for you ... then read more about current color trends, how to select a great color palette for your home, and decorating with specific colors, such as blue, white and a neutral palette.

Color Trends in Home Decorating...What to Do?

Color Trends in Decoratin

First, know that you don't have to update your color scheme annually. I sure don't. I work with the shades that I love, and although they have changed some what over the years, once I make a selection/purchase for my home, I stay with it.

But if you do follow color trends in decorating, the simplest way to change your decor without a total re-do is to keep the large pieces neutral, then accent with smaller items as the years go by.

For example, your sofa and chairs in the living room should be a soft cream, beige or tan. Case goods will be natural wood stains as opposed to current trends in painted furniture. Your flooring will also be neutral, whether carpet, tile, wood or laminate. guessed it...the walls will reflect a soft shade that is compatible with many different colors.

This sets the stage for you to use accents such as:



Area Rugs

Wall Art


Fabric drapery panels and valences

All of these items can be worked into just about any size budget (if you know where to shop!)

See how color is used in decorating Living Rooms with my Pinterest Board, LIVING ROOM DESIGNS:

Select Your Color Scheme, Find Your Favorite Palette,
See the Trends

Great color combinations in decorating

Putting Great Color Combinations Together

Great color combinations in decorating are usually well planned and thought out. Sure, there are some folks who can throw this, that and the other thing together and it will look smashing.

Find out more about some smashing color palettes

Childs Room in Pink, Orange and White

Your Color Personality - What Does It Mean?

Let's talk about Color Personality. What do the colors in your home say about you? There are some generally accepted interpretations of the effects different colors have on us and our environment. It's not a case of 'good' or 'bad', but rather understanding how the use of color in our homes can actually have an effect on our emotions.

Colorful Contemporary  Dining Room

Selecting the Right Colors in Decorating

You've made the decision to decorate a room or space in your home, and now are faced with the reality of making the decorating color schemes decision. Find ideas and tips to make the process less stressful!

Decorating with Red

Find the Perfect Color Palette for Your Home

Decorating with color is not difficult if you can take two simple steps.

First, have the courage to try something new, and second, take the time to come up with a plan for your room, space or home.

Decorating with a white palette

Using White as the Main Color in Your Palette

Decorating with white isn't difficult if you know how to put these subtle shades together in a space. Great advice and tips here!

Bedroom in blue, black and white

Decorate With Blue in Your Home

Blue is a popular choice in home interiors, and in fact is the preference of almost 60% of people when asked about their favorite color. Find out more about creating your unique home interior with shades of blue.

Contemporary Living Room in Neutrals

Decorating With a Neutral Color Palette

A neutral color palette can be very comforting, uncomplicated, sophisticated, polished, and the list goes on. As you can see, decorating with neutrals can take a variety of directions and the result is anything but boring.

Looking for some fresh ideas in color trends? Visit Ballard Designs to see some inspired color palettes for Spring, 2014!

Inspired Color Palettes for Spring 2014

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