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Cottage Chic

Colorful Cottage Chic

Cottage Chic decorating ideas for your comfortable, casual home. Create a relaxed, welcoming space combining vintage finds with new pieces.

It is a style that offers versatility and is easy on the budget! How do you define this decor? Here’s my take on the style.

Think of shabby chic, then remove the crystal and add some bolder color.

Next, visualize country cottage taken up a notch or two in style. Keep the overall look clean and uncluttered, and there you have it...Cottage Style with flair!

How do you create the Cottage Chic look in your home? Here are some ideas for you that will apply to any room or space in your home:

Cottage Chic LIving Room

  • Color Palette: will always include shades of white and cream, soft pastels and neutrals. You may opt for some brighter, bolder shades and colors as well, just use them as accents as opposed to the predominant color in the palette.
  • Fabrics/Textures: Look for organic fabrics and textiles to use on upholstery, window treatments and rugs. Combine fabric patterns as you would find in shabby chic and cottage, with soft florals, checks, stripes and solids.

  • A budget friendly way to bring in colors and fabrics is through the use of accent pillows and rugs. You don’t have to buy a new sofa if it’s not in the budget. Slipcover the piece you have, which fits right in with this style, then add color and texture through accent pillows and a rug under the coffee table.
  • Floors/Walls: Your walls should remain soft and neutral, serving as a comfortable backdrop to the furnishings and accessories. Floors can be very casual, with wood, tile, carpet or a combination of these. Use area rugs freely to create functional definition.
  • Furniture: You have many choices here, from casual new purchases to vintage flea market finds. Use paint to give well worn or less than perfect wood pieces new life and charm. Mix wicker with wood, and some iron accents aren’t out of the question.

  • Wood finishes will typically be medium to light finish, or painted. Feel free to mix these elements, using the color palette to tie everything together. Your home should be casual and comfortable yet not cluttered and overwhelmed with ‘stuff’, including furniture. Find pieces that you love and let them shine.
  • Accessories and Accents: These are the elements that can really pull a space together, and with this style of decorating there is not an overabundance of nic-nacs, collections and such.

Photos to inspire your Cottage Chic Designs!

A boldly colored ceiling with soft neutrals in the rest of the space is a unique and chic finish for this Guest Bedroom.

Lots of personality, updated fabric patterns and inviting Cottage Chic style!

Cheerful Guest Bedroom Cottage Chic Style

Color Palette for a Cottage Chic Bedroom

via Heather Leigh on Pinterest

Bolder colors are highlighted in this image, with a palette of suggested colors for a bedroom or other room in your home.

Use the stronger colors as accents and the neutrals for the walls and larger pieces.

Here is another example of a Cottage Chic space, a bedroom, that is simply finished in neutrals.

You see the soft touches that would imply a Shabby Chic style but without the crystal and frills.

photo source unknown

Cottage Chic Bedroom
Cheerful Cottage Chic Kitchen

I love how this kitchen is bright, light and white...then surprises us with a bold red patterned rug and bright red accents.

This is a great example of Cottage style that brings out the 'Chic' for your home!

Overall neutral look to this living area, with a mix of cottage charm and updated styling.

Nice mix of wood finishes, fabrics and textures.

Neutral, organic Cottage Chic Living Area
Dining Area Cottage Chic Style

I love the turquoise accents found in this Chic, Cottage style Dining Area.

Simple lines, an overall casual Cottage look, with the updated color scheme and uncluttered feel to the space.

So enjoy what you love, just remember that chic style of cottage decor is a little bit more understated than some of the other casual styles.

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