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Cottage Style Kitchen Ideas

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A cottage style kitchen is the heart of the home, and says "come in, sit down and stay awhile"

And, that is what cottage style decor is all about...natural, simple, uncomplicated and charming. Case in point is the Kitchen shown above with it's neutral color palette and uncomplicated design

Here are some great ideas for your cottage style decor.

Pick and choose those that will work for your home, lifestyle and budget. That is one of the great things about this style choice...there are very few right or wrong design choices.


Having said that cottage style can be created with an unlimited budget, kitchens included,or one that is quite restricted.

The photo above shows us how this style can have elegance as well as charm, with details that can flow into French Country a bit, too.

No worries! The simple and organic elements that comprise this style of decor fit very well into a slim budget.

Let's Create a Cottage Style Kitchen Design

We'll start with the floors.

Wood floors would be preferred, with an overall light to medium finish.

Natural wood, even distressed or unfinished floors are found in cottage style kitchens. Depending on your lifestyle you might select a pre-finished wood product or a wood-like laminate floor.

Cottage Style Kitchen Idea

Use a variety of simple area rugs to soften the look of the floor as well as give your tootsies a little break!

Your kitchen color palette should be consistent with the rest of your cottage style home. No dark oppressive colors here, but instead choose light, soft shades of blue, rose, green, yellow and of course whites and off whites.

Darker tones of these colors as accents are great, just refrain from getting too dark on the walls and counter tops, particularly if your kitchen/eating area/nook is small.

Now here is a colorful palette using brighter tones in this small but fun and functional  Kitchen.  This decorating philosophy takes that approach that if a space is tiny...so what? Use whatever colors make you happy.

A bright mix of red, blue and yellow with very simple and budget friendly finishes complete the look.

Cottage design and deco

Cabinetry in cottage style kitchens can range from open shelving throughout, to traditional wood cabinets, to a combination of cabinets and other types of storage and display pieces.

If your budget is limited, go ahead and paint the cabinets, staying true to the color palette as discussed. If your cottage style decor sways to the very simple and playful, how about using one paint color for the cabinets and another for the doors.

For example, select a very soft shade of light green for the cabinets and a cream color for the doors. Then, tie the two shades together with a painted cabinet pull.

Or, follow the lead of the photo shown above and paint the cabinets one color. This kitchen shows a type of glass front door for the small uppers, which is a simple touch but adds some interest to the space.

Barn Sale 300 x 250

Window treatments are simple, light and low key, using soft cottons, lace or other organic fabrics. Cottage style will typically not use or dark colors at the windows.

Counter tops should look natural and keep to the lighter tones.

Think of a literal country cottage when making this selection, and remember simple, gracious, welcoming, charming....this is not a drama statement. Leave that for another decor style!

Appliances should give the appearance of simplicity or have an 'antique' quality to them. The same goes for the sink and fixtures selected.There are some great choices in both items that will add a lot of personality and charm to your cottage style kitchen, so keep that in mind if your budget will allow.

Learn more about Cottage Decorating


Pull the look together in your decorating for the kitchen by using:

  • Wide window and baseboard trim
  • Beaded Board
  • Exposed feet on the lower cabinets
  • Accent pieces, such as a buffet, china, pie safe, island, that are vintage or reproduction.

And...part of the charm of cottage decor is mixing and matching, so please have fun with your selections and leave the matching decor to another style!

Finally, remember that your kitchen should have some interesting accent pieces and personal touches, but don't let the space become cluttered and overworked.

Enjoy designing your special place, and may it become the hub of your cottage home!

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