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Simple Natural Country Christmas
Decorating Ideas For Your Home

A Country Christmas

Natural Country Christmas Decor for the Dining TableNatural Country Christmas Decor for the Dining Table

Country Christmas decorating ideas for the natural and simple holiday that you desire. Lots of ideas for your home, and they are all easy and budget friendly!

How cool is the natural holiday decor on the Dining Table above...I love the greens in the vintage style pots along with the deer and bottle brush trees.

Whether you define your decorating style as Country, Cottage, French Country, Casual, Eclectic, or something in-between, a simple and natural holiday home decor is appealing and a welcome alternative to the over-the-top decor that can create more stress than enjoyment.

So, find a quiet spot, grab the beverage of your choice and take a few minutes to ponder these country Christmas decorating ideas.

First, let's dispense with the gingham bows, strings of popcorn and holiday cards taped to the doors, ok? I really don't want to go down that road...it's been travelled waaaay too much already!

That type of holiday decor is colorful and well loved, but we already know that. Some simple, natural and fresh thoughts for decorating your country style home are in order here.

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Before you start doing any shopping, purchasing or holiday decorating, do this first: come up with a Christmas Color Palette. Nothing fancy here, just decide which color or colors you are going to use for your country Christmas decor this year.

Green and white holiday decor

For example, you may decide that a very clean green and white holiday decor with just a hint of aqua will make a simple and beautiful statement in your home, and will complement the color scheme throughout your house.

Think natural, think about what you already have that may work this holiday season, and think about what color(s) you would enjoy seeing with your country Christmas decorating.

Or, you might decide to use entirely natural types of decor, with fresh fruit and berries as the only added color.

Country Christmas on Pinterest

More Country Christmas Decorating Ideas!

Christmas Decorations on a 3-Tier Cake PlateChristmas Decorations on a 3-Tier Cake Plate


Once you have made that decision, here are some country Christmas suggestions. Use one, two or more...it's up to you!

  • Decorate your home with collections of Christmas trees of varying sizes. The overall size of your home and the individual rooms will dictate this one, but even if you are decorating a small space for the holidays this can work well.
  • The trees will be varying sizes, shapes and textures (all natural in appearance), with some very small trees that might nestle amongst your collectables. Display them in groups of three, with varying heights and shapes in each group.
  • Use white lights on all of the holiday trees, roping, displays, etc. The lights themselves are so beautiful, particularly when displayed throughout the room, you don't need much more than that.
  • Hang a wreath on the exterior of each of your home's windows. You can use a fresh evergreen wreath, red berry, plain grapevine...whatever works with your home's architectural decor. Or, use a beautiful natural looking wreath.Keep the wreaths to natural elements (or ones that look natural...artificial red berries look just fine!) and keep it simple!
Balsam Hill
Country Christmas decorating ideas

A Country  Christmas theme always lends itself toward vintage, whether authentic or reproduction pieces.

I love all of these, particularly the peaceful looking bird.

Several of these can be found at Kirklands.

  • Use not only a color theme, but an element theme as well for your country Christmas decorating. For example, you may decide to use pine cones, apples and oranges, baby's breath, red berries, chili peppers, cinnamon sticks, lavender, bittersweet, birds nests, feathers, nutcrackers ....the list could go on for a long time! 
  • Whatever your choice, use it on the Christmas tree (see the next suggestion), on the mantel, table displays, collections and more. 
  • Combine with natural or artificial greenery, perhaps some candles, and you have a beautiful holiday display that is simple and natural.
  • Decorate your Christmas tree(s) with your selected element(s). For example, if you are going to decorate with baby's breath and red berries, take small bouquets of baby's breath and tuck them into the Christmas tree horizontally. 
  • Then, take garlands of silk greens with red berries and wrap them around the tree at pleasing intervals.
  • Depending on what texture you are using, make ornaments, garlands or bouquets to adorn the tree. And, remember to use these same elements in other areas of your room's holiday decor.
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  • Go totally natural in your Christmas decorating and select elements from nature...your surroundings!
  • I have gone for walks and picked branches (my husband always calls them 'weeds') of varying shapes and sizes, natural growth, etc and used them on the Christmas tree, on the mantel and other areas. This could look very beautiful and natural to create your country Christmas decorating theme.
  • Add ornaments that are well worn and well loved in your home. I have about a dozen simple bulbs that belonged to my grandmother. They are old and faded but still beautiful to me, and, they have retained some of their sparkle as well.Shop for vintage reproduction ormanents to add some color if you wish.
  • Place your holiday greeting cards in an interesting woven basket and place it on a coffee table or other location where family and friends can enjoy them.

Natural Country Christmas Ideas


  • Take vintage or reproduction Christmas cards/postcards/simple pictures and place them in antique picture frames to display on tables and shelves or a wall grouping.Just remember to group your pictures in threes, or two picture frames with a vintage Santa figure, for example.
  • If you love to see homemade cookie ornaments, use ready-made cookie dough and knead in 2/3 cup flour until smooth to increase dough's density, making it suitable for ornaments. Roll dough, cut shapes, make holes for hanging, and then bake. Decorate in your selected color theme and use on your Christmas trees as well as in other holiday decor.
  • Use vintage pieces such as a tablecloth, curtain panel, small quilt, etc as a Christmas tree skirt, table runner or other decorative covering.
  • Use clear glass containers, clear or colorful deep glass bowls, coffee cups/saucers, candy dishes...any interesting piece that fits in with your overall decor, and fill with greens, your selected elements, fruit, etc. Display in groups of varying shapes and sizes.

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