Country Porch Decorating Ideas

Country Porch Decor

Our porch decorating creates the first ‘welcome to our home’ that family and friends will see.

Here are some great ideas for your country front porch!

Close your eyes for a moment and visualize the front entry of a country home. What do you would you describe it?

For many, the description would include a rambling, covered front area  that spans the entire width of the home, and possibly wraps around to one or both sides.

Country Porch Decorating Ideas

There might be several steps leading up to the porch with railings, and the typical railing extends to the porch itself.

What feeling does this evoke? Casual, unhurried, friendly, family oriented, natural, inviting, gathering place, comfortable...I’m sure there are even more descriptive words or phrases, but you get the idea.

Country porch decor takes the visual description and creates the feelings that are described above.

How do you do that? It’s not hard if you know what the fundamentals of country decorating are, then apply them to the front porch.

  • Simple, natural elements create an inviting country look and provide an introduction to what will be found inside the home. Planters of colorful flowers
    Colorful outdoor jute or cotton rug
    Vintage ‘welcome’ sign
  • Re-purposing items. For example, find an old barrel at a flea market or garage sale and use it as a side table.
  • Country comfort for the porch, with a traditional porch swing, glider, pair of weathered adirondak chairs, high back rockers, wicker settee...the list goes on.It’s okay to combine these elements, too, and create an interesting grouping or several groupings of furniture, particularly if you have a wraparound porch.
  • Antique/flea market finds such as a small console, end table or coffee table to use for display or function (need a place to set down the coffee cup or glass of lemonade).
Front Porch Country Shabby style

Other thoughts for decorating your Country Style Porch:

1) Be consistent and use the same colors and themes on the country porch decorating as the interior of your home.

2) Have fun with porch decorating but don’t get too carried away and end up with an area that looks like a perpetual garage sale.

3) If you love collectables and subscribe to the ‘more is better’ theory of decor, rotate the items on the front porch (and inside your home) to give it a fresh appearance without the clutter.

4) Keep the porch clean! A good sweeping and wiping off of the furnishings will do wonders for the decor.

Your goal? Country porch decorating that will create the simple, unhurried, inviting entrance to your country style home!

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