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Country Style Bath

Country style bathroom ideas that are simple, easy and practical, plus budget friendly!

Find the best tips for country bath decor.

Country style in your home is a great way to design a space, particularly if your home is either older or styled with architectural details that represent a bygone era.

Creating a functional and practical, yet memorable bath utilizing elements of country style is fun...and can be sort of like a scavenger hunt! Why do I say that?

Because country style is all about repurposing furnishings and accessories, using natural elements such as wood, cotton and stone, and putting together a look that says ‘come on in and relax’.

It sounds good, so how do you pull this country style bathroom design together?

Country Style Bathroom

Here are some ideas for you...pick and choose those that fit your budget, your ability to select the elements in the room and your lifestyle. It is how you put everything together that creates that unique country style.

Wood is always an element in country decorating, and the bathroom is no exception.

Flooring can set the tone for the space. Natural wood floors/wood-like flooring are great if you protect them well from humidity.

If your home is vintage and has worn wood floors in the bath, paint them a soft cream color and they’ll make a great foundation for your decor.

Bead board on the walls is a great look for your country bathroom.

An interesting way to install this finish is to go about ⅔ up the wall with the bead board, then paint the walls above a soft accent color.

If you are more traditional with your finishes, wainscot height is always a good choice, too.

Window and door trim can be painted or natural wood, depending on the other elements in the room.

If you have tile floors and want to warm them up with wood accents, you may opt to go with a wide pine trim and base in a natural finish to go down the country style road.

If your bath size can handle it, consider ceiling beams to create a rustic country look. Why not?

Elegant vintage style bath

Vintage dressers/cabinets/bookcases/nightstands are examples of wood pieces that can function very well in the country style bathroom. Reproduction pieces can work just as well and be cost effective if you shop around for them.

If your goal is to work with wood in it’s natural state, a clear finish will be the right choice.

Or, you may want the light overall look of painted trim and furniture and cabinetry, or the distressed look, so you’ll find an old dresser at a flea market, paint/distress it, and use it as your vanity.

Whatever you do in the country style bathroom, remember that wood is always an element that should be present in the space.

For practical and aesthetic purposes you may want to put a solid surface top on a cabinet that will be used as the bathroom vanity. And of course always have an experienced trades person install the plumbing and the sink(s).

Your choice in fixtures sets the tone.

A claw foot tub is a standard element in a country bathroom, so if you have the option and the space for this type of tub it would be great.

If your bathroom is petite, a simple pedestal sink with vintage fixture and mirror would do quite nicely. Toilets are, well, about the same in any style!

Color choices play an important role in a country style home, and the bathroom is no exception.

Again, there is room for your personal preference with color. Warm tones of red and brown with accents of cream and sage are right at home in the country.

But so are the soft muted shades of blue, rose and yellow...the choice is yours. 

Shabby Country Style Bath

Select colors that are consistent with the rest of your home, even if it is just one of the colors in the bath. As I mentioned earlier, you might decide to paint the floors, the cabinetry, or just the walls.

Those are the more significant style choices for your country style bathroom.

The finishing touches play just as important of a part in the overall look and feel.

Window Treatments - should always be natural. Soft cotton panels on a simple wood or metal rod, with wood blinds for privacy, are a good option.

A simple valance comprised of vintage treasures is a great way to dress a simple, casual country bath. I once used overlapping hankies of a similar size placed on a simple curtain rod in a country style room. The mismatched look was great.

I have also used a hand crocheted round doily about 24” in diameter as a window topper, again placing it over a simple curtain rod. When in place it had a half round shape that let in plenty of light, and I used wood blinds in a natural finish that matched the window trim to complete the look & provide the privacy needed in the bath.

Faucets, drawer pulls and mirrors are three areas where you can take a ho-hum type of cabinet/sink combo and transform it into a country style design.

You might find the mirror at a flea market and the faucet/drawer pulls at a home improvement store like Home Depot or Lowes. Look for simple yet unique pieces that make a country style statement.

Small accent rugs can play an important part in finishing your country style bathroom space, as well as vintage or reproduction artwork. My advice is to be authentic in your selections, even if simple reproductions, and remember the mantra, ‘less is more’.

Even though country style is about collections and displays, the bathroom can quickly become overcrowded and overrun with ‘stuff’. So go easy on the accessories.

In fact, I would rather see the foundation of the space be very well done (floors, walls, trim, fixtures) and finished off with a minimum of carefully selected accessories.

That, to me, is more of a wow factor than a space that looks like a country store.

Take these country style bathroom ideas and apply them to your home, to create a simple, useful and inviting bath.

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