Curb Appeal Ideas

Curb Appeal Ideas

Ideas and tips for homeowners who are preparing to sell their home or who just want to create the most inviting atmosphere for family and friends.

I’ve been inside many, many homes as a Design Consultant and as a Real Estate Agent.

And you know what? No matter how beautiful the interior of a home is, that first impression as you drive up is what can stay in your mind, for better or worse.

No matter what your motivation may be, here are some ideas and tips to enhance the curb appeal of just about any residence. Pick and choose the ideas that suit your home.

Curb Appeal Ideas and Tip

First, take a drive down your street and through your neighborhood. As you complete your little tour, try to take an objective look at the exterior of your home as you approach.

  • How does your home fit into the overall style and color of other homes on your block and/or in your neighborhood? Does it need a good power washing? A new coat of paint? Perhaps a different paint color selection for the exterior walls and trim would be the most beneficial if it fits your budget.

  • If your home has a mailbox at the street, take a close look at the overall condition as well as what is, or isn’t around it. A nasty old mailbox can make an otherwise neat and clean home lack curb appeal. Clean it up, paint it, replace it, or perhaps install a mailbox that reflects the style of your home.

  • This may seem like an obvious point, but take an objective look at your lawn and landscaping. Neatly mowed grass, trimmed trees and shrubs that aren’t overgrown with weeds are the goal in attaining curb appeal.

  • Does your home have a sidewalk or walkway? If not, does it need to have one installed in order to get to the front door without tromping through the grass? There are pavers in many sizes and colors that can be installed fairly simply and will create just what you need. While you’re at it, make the walkway interesting, perhaps with a graceful curve to it, to enhance the exterior appeal of your home.

  • Take an objective look at the windows in the front of your home. Do the interior window treatments complement and/or blend into the exterior nicely? If you see quite a bit of ‘this and that’, including a mixture of colors, consider installing some simple wood blinds to create a more uniform appearance from the outside.
  • If there are shutters or awnings, are they clean and in good repair?
Front Porch and Curb Appeal Tip

  • Can the house numbers be read easily? Consider stylish numbers that reflect your personality and decor, and use your imagination for placement as well as color.

  • Give the front entry door a careful look. A new coat of paint in a contrasting color could give your porch a whole new personality and is just one of many curb appeal ideas. Or, a natural wood door might fit the style of your home more appropriately.

  • Consider the entire porch area...are there pillars, posts, decorative trim, stone, brick and/or wood finishes? If so, consider an accent paint color where appropriate. Or, if your porch is looking particularly drab, the addition of one or more of these elements might be just what is needed.

The small details are just as important on the exterior of your home as the interior, so here are a few more curb appeal ideas.

Hardware, including the doorbell, should be clean and in good repair.

Planters and containers should fit the overall style and decor of your home, and the contents should be trimmed up and healthy (or alive, anyway!)

Porch furniture should be in good repair and clean. Perhaps some paint your home’s accent color would be just the thing to add some personality to the area.

Exterior lighting should do just that...provide light.

Make sure units are functioning properly, and consider if any should be added to your walkway, landscaping, garage entry or porch.

Put these curb appeal ideas into action and you'll be sure to create a more beautiful and welcoming environment.

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