Decorating a New Home

a house is just a home until you make it your own!

Decorating a New Home

Have you just purchased or moved into a brand new home? Yikes!!

Here are some ideas and tips to help you plan, organize and create a beautiful home that fits your budget and lifestyle.

Congratulations, you have a new home!

For most, that means the interior walls are some version of white throughout, flooring may be varying shades of know, safe choices.

So what do you do to create a warm, welcoming and expressive decor?

Take a deep breath and realize that you can create a plan that will make the new home decorating process relatively stress free.

Decorating a New Home

Your new home is a blank canvas waiting for you to create something beautiful. Homes that just seem to flow and look great always have one thing in common: a consistent color palette.

Your decision will most likely be based on your preferences, your existing furnishings, if any, and your decorating style. If you are not sure exactly what your style is, take this simple quiz to learn what style of decorating you love.

Once you have decided upon the three colors (there can be more, but don’t get too carried away) that will form the foundation of your home’s color palette, the next step is to decide where those colors will go.

SElecting the Wall Color can be a challenge
when Decorating a New Home!

Here is an example for you:

With a new home in particular, you might be most satisfied with a soft, subtle color on the walls of the largest rooms, at least to start with.

You can always re-evaluate after spending some time in the home, change colors, go a shade or two deeper, or paint an accent wall.

  • Here is an example of the first floor of a new home. If your color palette will consist of shades of brown, aqua, cream and accents of tangerine, the wall color for the living/dining/kitchen areas might be Navajo White. This is a standard off-white that has just a hint of brown to it, so will be a nice backdrop for your selected color palette.
  • The powder room in this area will be painted a soft aqua, then accented with accessories in cream, brown and tangerine.
  • The master bedroom suite walls will be a soft shade of Fawn (light brown) that will create a warm and intimate setting with dimmed lighting for those romantic evenings. We’re also going to take this shade and utilize it in the entry, as it is a nice complement to the Navajo White.

Visualize these shades from Sherwin Williams. Navajo White is the color to the immediate left.

There...we’ve now determined the wall colors for the first floor. This is just an example of how to create a consistent color palette when decorating a new home.

Selecting a Color Palette

Your existing furnishings will play a part in the process of finishing out your space, but you get the idea.

Use color chips, pre-determined color palette guides from paint stores, a photo from a magazine...anything you see that has the colors you love and can be carried around with you as you shop.

Again, err to the conservative and select a more neutral color to start with. It will create instant warmth and personality in your new home, and remove the sterility that is often found with never-lived-in residences.

Finally, put your effort into the rooms that will see the most day-to-day use. You can move on to the other areas of your new home as you settle in.

Now for the Furnishings...where to place them?

The most important thing to remember is that this is not a one time decision. are allowed to try different furniture placement strategies and see what works best for you and your lifestyle. Don’t lose sleep over it when decorating a new home.

Take the largest pieces and place them first.

Sometimes the room will dictate where certain pieces will go, particularly if the room has limited wall space and the piece is large.

So go ahead and decide where the sofa and entertainment center should be placed, for example, and then work your way down to the smaller stuff.

Remember, too, that it’s okay to utilize rooms and spaces in whatever way will work for you.

If the space designated as ‘Dining Area’ on the floor plan would work better for you as an office/den, then turn it into an office/den. Don't be influenced by the model home you toured if the allocation of the space, no matter how beautiful, is not workable for you.

Arranging Furniture and Accessorie

Accessories will always play an important role in making a house a home, and Decorating a New Home is no exception.

Take the pieces that you love and place them first, remembering that many times with accessories such as artwork, mirrors and nic-nacs, the philosophy of 'less is more' is very true!

Place your favorite picture, for example, in an area where it will be seen and enjoyed, perhaps the living area or entry.

Don't worry about finding a home for all of your stuff...put up a few pieces and live with them for awhile before adding to them.

As you spend time in your new home you'll get a better feel for where your accessories should be placed, and what new items should be purchased.

Enjoy decorating your new home!

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