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The best ideas for decorating home office spaces. Decorating on a budget? No worries! Budget friendly home office decorating ideas to create a beautiful and functional work space.

Many people are finding that a designated space for a home office is both a desire and a necessity.

Whether you literally work from home full time or use your office space to pay bills and take care of the family budget, decorating a home office space to suit your style and decor will help create an area you'll love.

Let's look at a few examples...

I love the neutral color palette and simple yet elegant way this compact Home Office was created. You really don't need a lot for the basics...desk, chair and wall boards.

A design with a linear look, this Home Office stays with neutral tones, too, but in a more updated and contemporary style.

I love the horizontal stripes on the wall, diagonals on the floor, straight lines of the cabinets/storage, then the touch of shiny gold on the circular foot stool. Very nice!

This office style is all about texture and pattern. Again, nothing over the top about this comfy space. But, the varying shades of blue with neutral accents, the dark finishes contrasting with the lighter fabrics, and of course the texture of the sisal rug bring lots of personality to the space.

Set a plan for decorating
your Home Office space

So how do you go about decorating home office spaces? Well, you need to make some decisions first, and they're not difficult, but they are important.

Decorating Home Office Space

First decision to make is, how will this home office space be used? If you work from home full time, for example, you may need more designated space than if your use will be a few hours a week. So decide how critical this space is to your lifestyle.

Your second decision for decorating home office spaces will be a natural outcome of the first, and that is, where will the home office be located?

Here are some great ideas for small home office designs.

If your home has a separate den or office space allocated, that takes care of the decision, doesn't it? However, many of us need to literally allocate space from a room that may have a different primary function to serve as our home office.

It may be an area in the dining room, the kitchen, the den, living room, bedroom, etc. Try to allocate a space that includes natural light. Although you will add task lighting, the natural light provides a boost for your body and soul, so take advantage of that resource!

Furniture for a Home Offic

There is no right or wrong answer, no room of the house that works better than another. Ultimately where you locate your home office space is a very personal decision, based on your needs, your family and your lifestyle.

Once you have decided the 'how' and the 'where', the next decision in decorating home office spaces is to determine how the space is going to be furnished. And again, your first two decisions influence how you go about this task.

If you are going to require a laptop and limited other materials, you can use a small secretary desk, for example, quite nicely. It doesn't take up much space, is pleasant to look at and can fit in well with any type of decor.

For someone who works full time from home, or like myself has 'part-time' home office responsibilities with LOTS of files and paperwork, a more substantial desk is probably the way to go. And, take into consideration other office machines that are used, such as copy/fax/scan/print equipment, as well as the filing space required.

Some spaces are conducive to a built-in type desk, such as the one pictured above. It's a clean, smart look that is also positioned in front of a window, to give both natural light and a view (always a plus!), important when decorating home office spaces.

My favorite writing desks from

I use the Darley Writing Desk often for home staging, when I need a small writing desk in a Transitional, Casual or Contemporary space. Great price, usually less than $100. I love the distressed top and iron legs combo!

The Hamilton Desk is my go-to when I want a bit more substance and size. It works well in Traditional, Transitional, Casual and even Contemporary stylings. Priced affordably, usually less than $120.

Use what you already own for
home office furnishings


If you are decorating home office space on a budget, consider what you already own that can serve a useful function in your office.

This is where the fun comes in. At least, I think it's fun! Now, if your budget will allow you to go out and purchase what you need, that's great. You can skim over the next couple of paragraphs and tune in a little further down the page!

First, remember that you don't have to use a 'traditional desk'. You may already have a small kitchen table or sofa table, to give a couple of examples, that are not being used but fit the decor of your home. There's your desk!

If you have a chair that is available and comfortable, great! Keep this in mind, though, when selecting a desk chair...make sure that it is a chair that doesn't cause you to slouch or slump.

If you are not sitting straight and tall in the chair, you'll lean forward to work, your muscles will contract and you'll feel tired. So whether you select a chair that you own or purchase something new, choose wisely!

Home Office Decorating Idea

Decorating home office spaces can be great fun when you begin to find 'treasures' that you already own, or perhaps go to consignment shops, flea markets, antique shops, etc. to complete the home office space. Where you shop for additional pieces will depend on your decorating style and your budget.

Decide what your home office storage needs are, because keeping your home office space free of clutter is not only more pleasant visually, it helps keep you focused. If there is a mess in front of you it can lead to anxious feelings and lack of productivity, and you don't want that!

So think about the kind of storage space you might need. Perhaps a filing cabinet, shelves, baskets, drawers....consider if this information needs to be within arm's reach or just somewhere in the area as that will make a difference in what you select.

Ideas for Decorating a Home Office on Pinterest

When decorating home office spaces it's important to have things around you that you enjoy.

I have a little 'office angel' that hangs on the wall of my office, and she has followed me from Michigan to Florida, through several moves.

My office angel

She's just a country girl, with branches for wings, a crooked little halo, frizzy hair and a plaid dress. But she brings a smile to my face and is always there in the office waiting for me!

It might be a particular color that you really love...paint the wall that your desk faces that color. You might have a passion for antiques...use antique pieces in new and different ways to create your home office.

Learn more about selecting a great color scheme for your home office.

For example, here is a possible set up for decorating home office space in an area of the dining room. I could see a small vintage secretary desk, comfortable wood side chair with vintage fabric as the desk chair, a tea cart on wheels used for files and other office supplies, and a small antique dresser for additional office storage needs.

The other side of the dining room may hold an antique round pedestal table and four chairs. Everything fits together and looks great!


Are you going to purchase new office furniture for decorating home office space? Consider style, function and size. Measure carefully to make sure your pieces will fit comfortably in the space allocated.

Many times the pieces will come in boxes and need to be put together, so be sure to inquire about that if you are not planning on doing this yourself.

Really tight for space? There are some terrific home office armoires available with more storage space in them than you would expect.

Consider all of the options and possibilities when searching for the best home office design ideas for you.

I used a small office armoire for a year or so in a home that had no extra space available.

It was only about three feet wide and two feet deep with doors that could make the office space disappear when needed. The wood finish and style matched my furniture and it was very attractive, so keep this option in mind if needed.

Finally, remember to complete your home office space with a touch that defines YOU. When you walk into (or over to!) your office, you want to feel welcomed, energized and ready to go to work.

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