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Decorating Ideas for the Kitchen

Functional and Beautiful!

Decorating Ideas for the Kitchen

There are some basic home design and decor fundamentals that apply to every room of your home, including decorating your Kitchen.

For some, it's a scary space to think about decorating, what with all the machinery, cabinetry and choppy wall space...it's enough to stress some folks out!

Relax, get the beverage of your choice in hand, have a seat in your kitchen and let's talk about some easy and budget friendly decorating ideas for the Kitchen .

First, let's be inspired by these beautiful images...then we'll get down to the how-to's:

If your decorating style is casual, keep the Kitchen area consistent with that philosophy, as shown in this friendly Cottage influenced kitchen.

Open shelving helps to make the space feel larger and also fits the homey style. A mix of finishes with the cabinets, horizontal wood board on the walls, distressed island and wood flooring keeps the style flowing and the look interesting.

I like the dark roman shades at the windows (love the abundance of natural light, too) for contrast.

A light overall color palette makes this Kitchen area feel cool and spacious. Open shelving creates some interest on each side of the sink area.

A colorful swag at the window, dark pendant lighting and touches of greenery add some color and personality.

An Eclectic Style in this Kitchen creates a unique look with contrasting colors, textures and shapes.

The first thing I notice is the dark / light contrast of the cabinetry and floors with the bar stools and window treatments. With the very dark finish on the cabinets and back splash, it's important to allow some lighter colors to help balance, including the off white wall color.

Stainless steel and iron work in the lighting add a touch of modern to this interesting Kitchen.

Soft colors and simple design creates a homey and welcoming look in this Country Cottage Style Kitchen.

I love the pastels...blue walls, green island with white cabinetry and earthy flagstone flooring. There is nothing fancy or ornate about this space, and although it is updated and functional, the overall statement is simple, inviting and understated.

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Simple Decorating Ideas for the Kitchen

1) First, don't be hesitant to add color to the space. Even if the kitchen is small, go ahead and put some color on the walls.

If you have light colored cabinetry, wall color will make them pop and give the room more interest and appeal. Consider an accent color for the soffit, if your kitchen has that space above the cabinets, or in the nook/eating area.

2) Next kitchen decorating idea is to think about the cabinets. If yours are worn out and the budget is slim, paint them.

I lived in a 1950's Sears Catalogue home at one time, and I painted the kitchen a beautiful shade of soft pink, then painted the tired old brown cabinets a slightly deeper shade of the same soft pink color.

Also, I removed the doors from the upper cabinets on one end of the room and used that area to display my china and teacup collection.

3) Another cabinet idea is to replace the pulls with something very different than what was there previously.

You can shop economically at stores like Home Depot and Lowes, and find some fantastic drawer and cabinet pulls with a lot of personality. Even if your budget is limited, it's worth it to spend a little more in this area.

4) Is your kitchen/eating area small? Hang a mirror in the eating area or at one end of the space to give the feeling of a larger room.

Then, take some artwork that you love from another area of your home and hang it in the kitchen -it will instantly change the emotion you feel when you walk into the space.

Kitchen Design IdeaCreate ambiance in the Kitchen with Lighting

5) Here's a kitchen decorating tip for an area that feels a little cold and unfriendly is to put a small lamp on the counter - one that will easily fit under the upper cabinets. Turn it on in the evening, or on those dark rainy (or snowy) days to add warmth and personality to the space.

6) What scent do you love? Purchase a room freshener or two in this scent and put it in or near the kitchen. There are so many different choices now it's quite amazing. You can find just about any scent there is, in a variety of dispensing choices.

7) Here is a decorating idea for the kitchen floor - do something different with the rugs than what you have now. I know it seems so simple and unspecific, but you will be surprised at how much the look and feel of your kitchen space will change if you do this.

For example, if you have a small rug at the kitchen sink and another one in front of the stove, you can do a couple of different things. First, do the expected and buy new rugs of the same size but different colors, and put them in the same place.

Or, try this. I lived in a home with all wood floors, including the kitchen. I wanted to protect the area as much as I could, so in the cooking area I put down a 5 x 7 area rug instead of the typical small rugs in front of the sink and appliances, using the color scheme I had established in my home.

It looked great, fit well in the space and was a conversation starter because it was a little bit more elegant than the typical type of rug in that area.

These simple decorating ideas for the Kitchen will give your space a fresh, updated look!

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