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Here are the best ideas for decorating small spaces! Simple and easy to implement, these decorating tips will help you design a single petite space or an entire home.

If you are looking for a plan that is simple and can be applied to any interior decor style, a single room or an entire home, then you've come to the right place!

Five Fundamentals for Decorating Petite Spaces and Rooms

Decorating Small Space


1. Keep the ceilings white, the floors a light to medium finish and use neutral shades on the walls.

If you are decorating an entire petite home, it's okay to use varying shades of your primary color selection (a neutral, of course!) in different rooms, but avoid using different colors. That will bring attention to the diminutive size of each room. Similar shades of the same neutral color will work to make the space appear larger. Use the bolder/deeper colors as accents.

If you need some help with color palette and selection, here are a couple of great articles:

First, read more about what your color choices may say about your decorating style.

You'll find a great resource for selecting a color palette that complements your decorating style here.

2. Furnish your space with pieces that are of a scale that matches the size of the space. For example, you would not want to put a large sectional in a 12 x 14 living's just too big. You might opt instead for a traditionally sized sofa, an upholstered chair and an accent chair to serve as the anchor pieces in the space.

3. Whenever decorating small spaces, use pieces that have more than one function if possible.

Using built -ins when decorating a small space

For example, the photo to the left shows a built-in corner unit with a TV, drawers beneath it and shelving on either side. Makes great use of a corner space!

4. Utilize shelving/bookcases wherever you can. There are so many options in terms of size and shape of shelving, you can find almost any size needed for a space.

In concert with that objective, use storage bins, boxes, containers, etc. to keep yourself organized. These two suggestions will work in any room or area of your home when decorating small spaces.

Small Living Room Ideas

Notice in the photo here, courtesy of, how the console table holds lighting for the area but also has basket type drawers and shelving.

I always like the idea of multi purpose coffee tables. Bunching tables, nesting tables, a table with at least one shelf or drawer, as shown in the Style Board below:

Use multi purpose pieces when decorating small spacesUse multi purpose pieces when decorating small spaces

5. Keep the clutter to a minimum. If you have collectibles and pieces you love to display, rotate them every few months.

Also, in small space decorating, use one large accessory on the walls and keep the others smaller in the area. For example, use a large mirror on one wall of the dining area, then a grouping of smaller pieces of artwork on the other wall.

The photo below from shows an example of a small space that multi-tasks, keeps the color palette light, is free of color, lets in the natural light, uses smaller pieces of furniture and overall does a great job of showcasing a small area in a home that is used very well.

More Helpful Tips When Decorating Small Spaces

Multi Functional Small Space

Keep window treatments in proportion to the space size, too. Avoid lots of draped and heavy fabrics as they will close off the space and make it feel even smaller.

Side panels hung on a decorative rod above the window height (closer to the ceiling) can make the wall appear taller when decorating small spaces.

Use texture to bring interest to the space rather than an assortment of bold and busy fabrics. It's okay to use one bold print when decorating a small space, but keep the other patterns to a minimum.

For example, if you find a beautiful bold fabric for your sofa, that may be the focal point in the room. You will be most successful in your small space decorating if you keep the other patterns and colors to a minimum to partner with the sofa.

Just because a space is small, it doesn't mean that all the furniture has to be flattened against the walls. Furniture arrangements can be conversational and interesting in the area, although I would not overuse area rugs as they may work to cut the space up visually.

Additional Ideas and Resources for Small Space Decorating

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