Decorating With Blue

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Decorating With Blue

Decorating with color is what makes a home unique, and blue is a popular choice in home interiors. In fact, it is the preference of almost 60% of people when asked about their favorite color.

Find out more about creating your unique home interior with shades of blue.

How do you define and describe the color blue?

It is a calm and peaceful color, sensitive, harmonious, evoking contentment, powerful, royal...romantically melancholy.

Reading those definitions and the feelings that decorating with blue brings about, our conclusion is that the shade, intensity and placement will create a range of moods and decorating results.

Decorating with Blue

What shade(s) of blue will work in your home?

What mood are you creating?

How about combinations of other colors in the palette?

Where should blue be used in the room?

First, let's look at Warm Blues & Cool Blues

Warm blues, like denim, ocean blue, or slate blue, contain hints of red. Color experts say these shades advance, or come toward you, so they help make a room feel cozier. Decorating with a warm blue can work well in the living room, the kitchen, or the dining room.

Cool blues like cobalt, turquoise, and ice blue, have yellow in them and tend to recede, or back away, which can help a small space look bigger. Cool blues encourage calmness, possibly for a bedroom, and focus, perhaps in a home office.

In a bathroom, where you want a crisp, clean look, a 'cold' blue can be a good thing.

Consider the natural light in the space. Look at the way the natural light falls in a room before deciding on the shade.

Cool blues work well in south facing rooms.

Living Room in Aqua and Cream Colors

North facing rooms may feel bleak with the icy cool blues so opt for a shade which includes some green to make a duck egg blue or a pale aqua.

Colder climate? You might want to use a shade of blue that has muted, or gray tones, to calm down the brightness.

Warm climate? Bright, colorful shades of blue will blend right in with the scenery!

Images to Inspire Your Decorating with Blue!

Blue on the ceiling...why not? It sets a soft tone for the rest of the space, which is done in neutrals.

Blue and white checks are a casual and fun way to incorporate the color in a room, and the blue/white patterns on display complete the look.

Blue and white make for a striking contrast in this living area. I love the bold fabric on the window treatments.

A deep shade of steel blue commands the presence in this kitchen. A very unique and bold statement that has character and would work well in a large space.

Where should you focus shades of BLUE in your decor?

Decorating with blue as the main wall color in your space can be an adventure, but not to worry...just make sure you try the color on a color board (read more about selecting the right paint color) or on the wall if you so choose.

Any color, and particularly one with intensity, will seem even stronger when placed on all four walls of a space.

Blue used in Tropical Decor

Accent and accessorize with shades of blue. If you want to be a little more subtle than walls covered in your preferred shade of blue, use this color in fabrics, area rugs, artwork, collectables, etc.

If your decor style will accommodate, consider painting a wood floor or a beamed ceiling (the ceiling, not the beams) in a shade of blue. Country, Cottage and Shabby Chic styles are a few decor themes that would allow for this type of treatment.

Here are some suggested color palette combinations for decorating with blue. They are adapted from THE COLOR SCHEME BIBLE, by Anna Starmer.

This is one of my favorite color reference tools.

The Color Scheme Bible

The best way to use the following information is to have The Color Scheme Bible in your hands, find the page number that is indicated with each palette, and see the samples.

Take the page to your local paint store and have them match the colors found on the page. There are suggestions as to how to use each color as well when decorating with blue, right down to the small accents in the space!

Using blue in wall decor


Here are some color palettes from The Color Scheme Bible that I found intriguing:

  • Coastal - Mediterranean Blue, Warm Peach, Warm Cream, Hazy Sky, accent with Sunset Orange (pg 186)
  • Classic/Retro - Seawater Blue, Tobacco Brown, Beige, Milkshake Tan, accents of Teal (pg 169)
  • Light/Airy - Topaz Blue, Celery Green, Sage Green, Slate Blue, accents of Lavender (pg 167)
  • Bright/Playful - Bright Aqua, Lemon Yellow, Buttercup Yellow, White, accents of Dark Turquoise (pg 166)
  • Soft/Subdued - Slate, Deep Slate, Seal Gray, Dusty Pink, accents of Foxglove (Fuschia) (pg 164)
  • Modern/Progressive - Bright Turquoise, Pale Aqua, Light Citrus, Wasabi (Lime Green), accents of Peach (pg 162)

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