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Dining Room Accessories
finish the dining space with style

Dining Room Accessories

Accessories and accents are the finishing touch for your dining room decor and design. Here are some great ideas and tips for you that are simple and budget friendly.

The dining room is no different than any other room in your home. If you place the beautiful pieces of furniture that you lovingly selected, paint the walls, install the flooring and trim...it's lovely, but something is still missing.

Your room needs it's 'jewelry'...the finishing touches for the dining room.

Four bare walls in a dining room will almost always feel cold and unfriendly. You don't have to fill all of the wall space with pictures, mirrors and nic-nacs. Actually, don't do that.

Dining Room accessories and colors


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Determine the wall that is the focal point in the room

Dining Room Accessories

It may be the wall that:

  • has the most interesting angles
  • is the wall the is seen first when entering the room
  • has a beautiful window
  • has a fireplace, built in cabinetry, or some other unique feature

This may also be the wall that you painted an accent color for the same reason. (You didn't? Well, it may be something to consider!)

Once you have decided on the focal point wall in the dining room,
place your largest wall accent piece on it

This could be artwork (one large or two smaller, for example), a mirror, wall sculpture, etc. The choice will depend upon your interior decorating style.

Please don't hang your picture so high on the wall that you (and your guests) have to look up to see it while standing in the room.

If the wall decor is placed over a buffet, for example, the bottom edge of the piece should be no more than eight inches above the top of the buffet.

The theme of your artwork should be pleasing to those who are enjoying a meal in the dining room. Consider that aspect before you place any dining room accessories in the space.

The goal is to enhance the dining experience, not end it a.s.a.p.!

Accessories also include collectables and display pieces

Dining Room Deco

Here are some display tips:

1) If you have a large collection of china, for example, display a few pieces at a time and rotate them periodically. Too much of a good thing takes away from the enjoyment.

2) Vary the texture, height and pattern of the display pieces in the room. It's much more interesting to see three complementary but unique pieces placed in a grouping that it is to view the exact same type of thing three times.

3) Group your pieces in 'threes' instead of 'twos'.

4) If your dining room decor is neutral overall, select two or three accent colors and use them in arrangements, and on the table with your place settings and tableware.

5) Place ambient lighting in the dining room to complement your collection.

For example, if you are displaying your pieces on a sideboard, include small lamp that complements your decorating style as one piece in a grouping. (No, you don't have to put two identical candlestick lamps at each end of the sideboard...everyone does that).

6) Placing a beautiful centerpiece on the dining room table is a great way to add color and drama to your dining room.

Keep in mind that you probably want to remove it when entertaining. You don't want your guests to have to peek around the florals to see each other.

7) A mirror that complements your decorating style is always a good choice for dining room accessories, particularly if the space is small.

Plan ahead and place your dining room accessories with care, using the things that you love. Don't 'over accessorize' and create clutter.

You'll be happier with the results.

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