Dining Room Chairs
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Dining Room Chairs

There are so many shapes, styles and price points in seating options for the Dining area. What will work best for your lifestyle? Find out how to narrow down the choices and find the best dining chairs for your home.

When searching for dining seating you have two main considerations. First, the style and finish of the dining table you'll be coordinating the chairs with, and second, your budget.

Style and finish is more fun than the budget, so we'll talk about that. (The budget is something that needs to be addressed, so make that decision before you start to shop.)

How to select the best Dining Room Chairs

Selecting Great Dining Room Chair

This is just one of 40 unique Decorating Style images from Midwest Living. Find lots of ideas for Dining area seating here.

What is the style of your dining table?

Is it contemporary, with straight lines, glass top and black finish? Or perhaps you favor more of a country casual decor, and your dining table is a natural maple with an oval shape and curved legs.

The dining seating you select should follow the same overall decor style as the table, although they don't have to follow the exact same finish as the table.

For example, our country casual dining table described above could be accompanied with wood dining chairs that are finished in a dark green stain. They might have chair pads them, but that is a matter of preference.

As long as your overall color palette includes shades of medium green, these selections could look great.

Or, you might have a glass topped dining table with an iron base. Your dining room chairs could be an iron and wood combination, for example, if you wanted to create a more formal look.

If your dining table has lot of curve to it, there should be at least some curve to the style of dining seating as well. Same goes for mostly straight lines in the dining table. Keep the overall look consistent.

Another consideration in your search for great dining room chairs is the question of fabric on the chair.

Seating for the Dining Area


You may want a fabric seat, some fabric on the back, or possibly a chair that is totally fabric, such as a Parsons Chair. Parsons style are great look in a traditional type dining room and can complement different styles and finishes of tables.

As an added note: you may want to consider Slipcovers if your existing dining chairs are still in good condition but you need a change in the room's decor.

It's always important to keep table and chair height in mind, so here are some of the standard measurements:

Standard dining table height is 29" to 30"Standard dining chair seat height is 12" below the table height

Gathering or Bistro tables will be closer to 36" in height.

Accordingly, the chairs or stools that accompany the gathering table will be about 24" for the seat height.

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Okay, now that you are full of knowledge about the different aspects of chairs for the dining area, it's time to find what will work for your home, decor and budget!

I love the versatility, selections and budget friendly options from the folks at Wayfair.com. I can find just about anything from this huge online store.

  Find some great choicefor your Dining Room chairs:

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