Selecting Great Dining Room Colors
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Dining Room Colors

Many people are concerned about selecting the 'best' colors for the dining room.

There is no magic, right vs. wrong for the dining area, but there are some helpful tips to assist you in your dining room design and decor project.

1. What is your interior decorating style? By answering that question you will narrow down the choices for color selection.

For example, if your decor style is country cottage, you will not choose a bright red for your wall color because cottage style is all about soft and light colors.

Learn more about what type of furnishings, accessories and colors you love, to help define your personal style.

How have you used color in the rest of your home?

You may decide to take an accent color that has been used sparingly in other areas of your home, and use it as the main color in the dining room. That would give this space a unique look but still tie it in to the rest of your home, which is always the goal when decorating your home!

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Great Dining Room Colors

2. What is the size and shape of the dining area? When selecting dining room colors, you need to take into consideration the space itself.

Is your dining area a completely separate room of your home? Are there any walls that continue into other living space, such as the kitchen, living or great room?

Is there decorative trim and/or molding in the dining area? How about ceiling treatment such as a trayed ceiling? Built in cabinetry?

These types of treatments can be shown off to their greatest advantage by putting a contrasting color on the walls and/or ceiling. (Yes, you can paint the ceiling a color other than 'ceiling white'!)

3. What type of use does the dining room get? Do you entertain with formal dinner parties? family gatherings? social get togethers?

All of these considerations should be looked at as a whole when determining how to select and apply dining room colors.

Here are two dining room color palettes from

that give you ideas for fun, casual dining areas:

The use of color in the dining area, or any room in your home, can have a dramatic effect on the space.

Here is an example, again from

This is the same dining room with exactly the same finishes, but different paint color selections have been used:

You can see how different this dining area looks, simply by changing the shade, intensity and placement of color.

Here are some additional ideas and tips for you to consider:

Using color in the dining room, Shabby Chic Style
  • If your dining area is open to other areas of your home you need to make sure the colors flow smoothly from one space to the next.

Consider painting an accent wall in the dining area that has a defined starting and stopping point. This will add color and drama, but you'll keep the continuity flowing with the other walls.

  • Crown, base and door molding will look absolutely beautiful when the dining room walls are painted a contrasting color. You don't have to select a bright color for a great effect.There are hundreds of neutrals that give subtle yet interesting color to a space.

Consider painting the walls a neutral color and the ceiling a deeper tone in this scenario. The crown molding will really stand out beautifully!

  • Is your dining area and decorating style more formal and traditional? Keep the colors on the neutral side.
  • A more casual and informal decorating style and use of the room lends itself to deeper tones and playful colors.

Just remember to keep your established color palette in mind when selecting the dining room colors.

In addition to the creative color palettes shown in the photos above, here are some enduring dining room color choices from Benjamin Moore paint:

I always recommend this high quality brand of paint and have been using it successfully for years:

Top Selling Dining Room Colors

  • Rank / Color Number / Color Name
  • 1 / 2084-20 / Benjamin Moore Maple Leaf Red
  • 2 / HC-35 / Benjamin Moore Powell Buff
  • 3 / 2085-20 / Benjamin Moore Pottery Red
  • 4 / 2143-40 / Benjamin Moore Camouflage
  • 5 / 2080-20 / Benjamin Moore Confederate Red
  • 6 / 2142-40 / Benjamin Moore Dry Sage
  • 7 / HC-45 / Benjamin Moore Shaker Beige
  • 8 / 2080-10 / Benjamin Moore Raspberry Truffle
  • 9 / HC-114 / Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage
  • 10 /HC-12 / Benjamin Moore Concord Ivory
  • 11 /HC-61 / Benjamin Moore New London Burgundy
  • 12 /HC-115 / Benjamin Moore Georgian Green

Whatever paint colors you are considering for the dining room, be sure to purchase a small sample and test the color on a sample board or small area of the wall first.

Study the color in natural light and artificial light during the day and at night. Make sure you love it before painting the entire room!

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