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Inspiring Dining Room decorating and design ideas to help you create the dining space that fits your unique lifestyle!

Decorating in this area is really no different than the design and décor of other rooms in your home, although if used traditionally it does have a specific purpose…food and fellowship!  But, that doesn’t imply that it is ordinary and uninspiring. Here are some ideas and tips for you to consider, to create as much drama, or not, as you desire.

In a Hurry? Quick Tips for Dining Room Decorating

  • First, always remove every piece of small stuff from the room...all of it..now you can really see the space!
  • Second, give the area a thorough cleaning. It's amazing how a polish and shine changes the look of a room
  • If this is a separate room, consider a stylish wall covering...it's back in style :)
  • Does the room have a chair rail? Consider removing it and painting the entire room a fresh color, walls and trim
  • Add crown molding
  • Add/replace an area rug - bring in a new accent color!
  • Replace the dining chairs. Or, keep 2 existing chairs for each end and purchase 2-4 new chairs with a different, but complimentary, styling
  • Add a really cool mirror - it could become the focal point and make the space appear larger
  • Replace the light fixture with a drum chandelier...so many unique styles
  • Swap out the wall art with other existing pieces; or purchase something new - be daring!
  • If a large room, create multifunction in the Dining Area with a conversation area, a reading corner or add a writing desk

Elements of a beautiful Dining Room space

Don’t be afraid to use color, texture, trim and other types of accents to create a very special area in your home.

Having said that, remember that this area should also be consistent with the rest of the decorating style in your home, so don’t stray too far from the established color palette and style. I love the bold use of color and texture in this dining nook from bhg.com

Keep the colors, furnishings and accessories consistent within the space as well.

For example, your casual beach themed home won’t gracefully accept crown molding in the dining area no matter how much you love the look. Save that for the more traditionally decorated homes.

Contemporary meets Rustic Style in this unique and eye catching Dining Room. I immediately notice (besides the huge space) the shapes...linear and curved. The warmth of the wood is contrasted by the gold and silver finishes in lighting and the area rug. Very cool space!

Color selection in the Dining area can play quite a role in how the space is perceived, and the fact that some serious food consumption may take place there will impact the colors you choose.

Neutral shades on the walls are always a good, if not safe choice, in dining room colors. You might paint an accent wall a couple of shades darker for effect. The best way to select that wall is to find the focal point of the room.

For example, if your dining room has a cathedral ceiling, select a gable wall (it peaks in the top center) for your accent color.

Traditional dining room decorating designs look great with a duo of shades separated by wains coating. Put the darker shade on the lower portion of the walls and the lighter above.

Country or cottage decorating styles look great with beaded board on the lower portion of the walls and soft shades of color above. For something different, try putting the beaded board to about 5-6 feet on the walls; it’s a vintage look that can be very cool in the dining room.

How about the floors? If your dining room is a separately defined area it can reflect it’s own unique flooring finish. If your living area is carpet, for example, and you want to put wood flooring in the dining room decorating plan, go for it.

Contemporary Dining Room Desig

One caution I would make is to not go overboard with the accent colors, trims, textures etc. in the dining area. Some clients I work with try to incorporate too many twists and turns into this area and end up with a menagerie of colors, textures and trims, and nothing looks great because it is too cluttered.

Select one unique finish, maybe two, and keep the rest of the space simple enough to:

1. Appreciate the finishes, and

2. Enjoy a good meal without distraction.

For most dining areas it is the food, after all, that is the reason for the space.

Furniture selection in
Dining Room Decorating


Dining room furniture is a critical piece of the dining room decorating and design plan, as well as a practical decision.

Remember to consider the Size, Style, Function of the space when making the furniture choice.

You may fall in love with an awesome dining room set but if it is too large for your dining area it won’t serve you well in either the end result of the design or the function of the space.

Or, perhaps your dining area is huge and the table/chairs look a little lost in the space.

Add a duo of side chairs with a small table in between and create a conversation area, perfect for before or after dinner drinks. Position them by a window with a view if possible, and it might just become one of your favorite areas in your home!

Visit my Pinterest Board for more decorating ideas for the Dining Room!

Dining Room Window Treatments can be the focal point of the space, depending upon the decorating style.

If you are not sure what to do in the dining area, my advice is to keep things simple. A decorative rod with side panels in soft colors/textures will not go wrong, and keep the mood of the space in line with the function.

If plantation shutters are in the budget and fit the style, they are so flexible in terms of how much (or how little) light you want in the space. I always like to see the shutters that offer a couple of options for opening/closing out the light.

Accessories selected to complete the dining area are like the jewelry that finishes a beautiful outfit. Be sure to spend some time to determine how wall and small accents will best complete your dining space.

Are your dining room decorating plans and inspirations starting to come together?


If your conclusion is that a dining room in the traditional sense will fit your lifestyle, read more ideas and tips to help create a dining room just for you and your unique style of decorating.

Have you decided that a traditional dining room is not the direction you want to take? Maybe you're considering a multi purpose space to include some light dining, conversation, home office, etc. Here are some interesting and unique Multi Purpose Dining Space ideas for you!

Decorating the Dining Room, like any other space in your home, requires some planning and organizing. An easy task for some and overwhelming for others.

Well, I have a nifty little decorating guide that will put it all into perspective for you in a simple and easy to understand format.

Read more about Love Your Home...it's easy on the budget, too!

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