Eclectic Decorating Style
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Eclectic Decorating

If you love the look and characteristics of several different decorating styles, you’ll be happy to know that there is a method to pulling a cohesive, stylish, unique and naturally appealing look to your home.

This decorating style combines the elements of two, sometimes more, distinct decorating styles and creates a unique, unduplicated look that is unmistakenly individual.

Notice that I didn’t say, “throw anything and everything you like into a room and you’ll end up with a fantastic eclectic style space.”

You’ve probably been in one of those rooms before, and your first instinct is to turn and run.

Cottage/Vintage meets Modern/Contemporary

Eclectic Decorating Styl

Study the details in the photo above -

it's a great combination of :

  • Vintage mirror on the fireplace mantel
  • Contemporary coffee table
  • Skirted side chairs
  • Casual, cottage style bookcases flank the firplace
  • Funky, contemporary shag ottoman
  • Soft, simple window treatment

 Example of Eclectic Style Decorating

Here are some photos of a client's living area. I worked with her to create an Eclectic look combining the elements of Contemporary and Coastal style.

We kept the larger pieces neutral and used bright colors in the accents. The contemporary artwork shown on the wall in the photo top right was our inspiration for the color palette.

My client was thrilled with the results and so was I!

By the way...this is where we started with the space...the home was purchased furnished. I'd say we did a good job with the results  :)

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Create an Eclectic Look in Your Home

With a style of decor that is defined as eclectic, there is a method to the creation of the space.

While you are mixing and matching styles, there are three main elements that you will use as guidelines.

Create an eclectic look in your  home

First, think function...color...shape. Use one or more of these elements to create your space.

For example, you might love the color red, and you are also quite adventurous with style, a risk taker when it comes to putting things together in unexpected ways.

So, you create a neutral background by painting the walls a light, creamy off-white, and you anchor the space with a clean lined sofa upholstered in a nubby tan.

From there, your accent pieces, area rug and artwork playfully combine textures and shades of red, using a combination of contemporary and rustic selections.

Next, combine two styles with accents of a third, as a general guideline. Don’t throw too much together.

In our example above, contemporary and rustic style lived happily in the same space.

If our home decorator had included heavy-handed elements of shabby chic and retro in the same room, our ‘turn and run’ instinct might have taken over!

Finally, find the commonality in the pieces you’ve elected to use in this space.

Your contemporary decor with its clean, straight lines might include an asian inspired entertainment center, with the commonality being the straight lines of the piece.

Glass and iron accent tables with their graceful curved legs will be comfortable in a space with a vintage trunk coffee table with iron pulls.

Rustic Meets Traditional in this Woodsy Style Bedroom

Rustic meets Traditional Style


  • Organic elements on the ceiling, walls and trim set the rustic tone
  • Traditional 4-posted bed and duo of matching lamps
  • Fabrics chosen solidify the traditional side of the space
  • Rustic accents

Casual Meets Traditional


  • Traditional style pairing of tables, lamps, mirrors, etc
  • Casual wall and window treatments
  • Blend of styles in fabrics and pillows
  • Careful, thoughtful placement of Traditional styling
  • Color palette is soft and neutral to blend both styles together

Most of all, have fun with your eclectic decorating style.

Express your personality and lifestyle through interesting and unique selections for your home!

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