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Country Elegance in the Family RoomCountry Elegance in the Family Room


Ideas for family room decorating that will help you get the best use from the space you have. A little planning and interior design forethought will yield great results!

Before you do anything, here are three important considerations:

First, decide how you want to use this space. This is based largely on your lifestyle and the composition of your family.

For example, your decorating ideas might revolve around entertaining guests... providing space for little ones to play ...finding seating for everyone in the family to watch movies on the flat screen...special craft areas...a reading corner...and a host of other possibilities.

Second, determine how many areas of activity you want in the room. Will the space be used exclusively for watching TV, entertaining, reading, etc. Or, more likely, are there several functions you’ll need?

For many families, there will be at least two functions if not more...such as relaxation, reading, TV and movie watching, homework, play area and more.

Family Room Decorating Idea

Here is a tip for you: try to think about what you really need...not how you have used the space in the past.

Maybe you want to move that hobby into a den, guest room, or even a multi purpose dining room.

Think outside the box :)

Third, consider how much space you have to work with, and compare that to your desired use for the family room. A tiny 8 by 10 space probably won’t accommodate several different functions. So, be realistic in your planning.

That said, your family room doesn’t have to be huge to accommodate several functions.

Ideas for Decorating the Family Roo

For most, the largest allocation of space is to the furnishings, such as a sofa, chairs, etc. You’ll use the space that is dictated by wall space, cable hookups, windows, fireplaces, etc.

Remember that the pieces don’t have to be placed in straight lines, and in fact may create a warmer and more welcoming environment if they don’t.Here are some tips to help you find the best furniture arrangement for your family room.

Consider Family Room Function!

How is your Family Room going to be used??

  • Storage for toys, games, movies, etc? Decide if you want to hide these things or display them for ease of use. Then, select simple cabinets, for example, to suit your taste and need.Particularly if you are renting your home, major changes and renovations are not possible. No worries!
  • A narrow cabinet (or matching set) with doors, for example, can fit easily into most family room decorating plans and doesn’t take up a large amount of wall space. Paint it to match your color palette.
  • Open shelving, either built-in or as part of a cabinet as described above, affords storage and organization options for many lifestyles.
  • An upholstered ottoman that doubles as a storage unit can hide toys, games and more. If the piece is large and has a flat enough top, it can double as a table top for entertaining. Or, you may simply need the surface for extra seating. Move the ottoman wherever you need it.
  • Homework areas don’t have to mean a standard desk setup. That’s probably not going to fit in well with the family room decor!

Designate one wall space, then select a simple table (or tables), even a folding style table if your decor is casual, that is rectangular in shape and around 36” in length. Pair it with a fun style chair that your child will enjoy sitting in, and maybe getting the homework done will be a little bit more pleasant!

  • Does your lifestyle include board games?

Then consider a game table in the family room decorating plan. Allocate one area of the space for this purpose.Small family room decorating can also include a game table. Consider using a game table as an end table and pull it out as needed when the game-playing begins.

  • A reading corner is a must in many homes. You don’t need a lot of space, just a comfy chair, small table and good lighting.
  • Lighting options should be considered, including track lighting and wall sconces, particularly if you have a small family room and floor space is limited.Make sure there is adequate task lighting for homework and reading areas.

Casual Family Room with Neutral Color PaletteCasual Family Room with Neutral Color Palette


When selecting colors and fabrics for the family room, think about your overall decorating style and remain consistent.

Also consider your lifestyle and family when making selections for family room decorating. Is durability of fabric furniture critical (you know, kids and pets...)? How about the floor? You may love a wood floor but it isn't practical right now. Then consider laminate flooring with area rugs.

If you’re unsure what to do with color, an overall neutral color scheme always works well, particularly in a small family room.

Keep the floors, walls and ceilings light, let in lots of natural light, then use an accent color spread throughout the room for interest.

Use texture to create interest, combining nubby fabrics, weaves, etc. with upholstery, rugs and window treatments.

Mixing fabric patterns can create a cozy atmosphere if that is your decorating style and the mood you want to create.

Have fun with your family room decorating project, always keep your lifestyle needs at the top of the list, plan carefully, and you can create a great, functional and fun space!

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