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Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

Farmhouse Decorating

Decorating in a Farmhouse style is casual, informal and rustic with elements of both country and cottage style incorporated into this look. I love the simplicity of the Farmhouse Design in the Living space shown above. Find out more about creating this enduring interior in your home.

What comes to mind when you think of a farmhouse?

I imagine a large, two story wood sided home with a wide covered porch, lots of windows that are simply adorned, green grass all ‘round, mature trees and a big,big blue sky overhead.

No fancy figurines or fountains adorning the entry area; just pots of colorful flowers, a well used porch swing, and a duo of colorful rockers with an old barrel in-between to serve as a small table.

Now, keep that picture in your mind, because those elements are the foundation of farm house decorating style:

1) Wood surfaces - distressed, painted, rubbed...this is an integral element in farmhouse style interiors. Notice the Farmhouse Style Bedroom above with the rustic, natural wood walls...how cool is that?

Consider wood flooring that is casual and not overly shiny in it’s finish. Or, get an authentic feel, literally, with reclaimed barn wood, for example, for floors, cabinets, etc.

Use wide wood trim such as pine planks around doors and windows.

Bead board wainscoating is commonly found in farmhouse interiors, so use it generously where desired.

2) Furniture - continues the use of wood as an element, with farmhouse style dining tables, vintage storage cabinets and kitchen cabinetry with reclaimed wood faces. The image above is a great example of Farmhouse Style in the Kitchen.

Comfortable upholstery is the choice here, with simple patterns and lines. Nothing overly ornate or fussy in farmhouse decorating, yet not too stark and cold, either.

Keep the fabric colors somewhat muted, with brighter accents here and there, but not overtaking the space.

Use wood with a bit of iron (such an an iron bed or table base) to keep your upholstered pieces company.

3) Colors - are natural and not overly bright for most of the home’s decor.

Think of the natural elements outdoors...earth tone browns and tans, soft greens, blues and yellows, shades of taupe...the interior of your farmhouse decor should be a continuation of the outdoors.


4) Collectables - are found in farmhouse style, but not in a cluttered and over-the-top way.

A vintage tea cup collection might be displayed in an open cupboard or kitchen cabinet that has had it’s door removed, but the little treasures are not found in every nook and cranny of the home. Use some restraint and remember that simple is good.

See a Collection of Fresh Farmhouse Decorating Ideas!

I love the organic look to the Entry above. Simple yet stylish. Find lots more example of Fresh Farmhouse Designs from our friends at MidwestLiving.com.

Always keep the thought of re-purposing vintage and other household items. Farmers are resourceful people for sure, and nothing goes to waste.

For example...

An old wood door could be given new life as a table top. Or, cut it down and it becomes the top of a cozy coffee table.

A vintage cabinet becomes useful in the bath as extra storage.

Think resourcefully and creatively and you'll get the idea!

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