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French Country Bedding

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Bedding creation is almost an art, if you want to stay true to the authentic french country style.

Learn more about the fabrics and accessories that comprise this popular and casual style.

The focal point of a bedroom of this style is most certainly the bedding, as this is the centerpiece of the space.

There is a sort of ‘order’ used by the French to create this functional yet beautiful look.

Vintage or antique finds will always be a desired choice with the bed covering or any other selections for your bedding. Whether vintage or reproduction, if you find the bed covering that will work in your space, create the layered bed and coordinate with it.

Casual, well worn (I prefer to think of it as well loved) fabrics will provide the authentic touch that speaks of rustic country french living.


Authentic bedding of this style will typically include a:

  • bottom sheet,
  • then a top sheet,
  • a blanket,
  • a sheet to cover the blanket,
  • then a bed cover.

It is your selections that make the casual, vintage french country look come alive in your space.

Antique sheets and pillowcases in off white or soft colors would be a find worth having, and embroidery or monogramming is even better.

Mix the patterns and colors within your established palette. As you add pillows for both function and layering, search for vintage fabrics that provide that authentic look.

If you can find a long bolster pillow called a traversin to place across the width of the headboard you’ll know that your bedding is truly presented as the French would create it.

I'll make the search much easier for you, okay? Here are some lovely bolsters from Layla Grace:

photo courtesy of amazon.com

Place a collection of pillows, square and otherwise across the traversin to complete the look.

Create your French Country bedroom with a careful hand at selecting vintage or reproduction bedding pieces that reflect the casual elegance of a French Country home.

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