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French Country Bedroom Ideas

French Country Bedroom

The best ideas for creating a bedroom that reflects the style of Country French.

Find out how to create your private retreat with the beauty, rustic simplicity and enduring style of this well loved decor.

Before deciding what to do with your bedroom, determine whether your French Country taste lends itself to the grand and elegant like an old French chateaux, or cozy and homey like a simple country cottage.

The end result will have a different twist but the fundamentals are very similar.

These characteristics will enhance your french country decor no matter which style suits you:

French Country Bedroom Idea

Colors for the bedroom should be soft and light, in muted shades of yellow/gold, green or blue. Make your decision based on the natural lighting in your space and your personal preference.

If you are not sure what to do, a very soft, creamy yellow/gold will create a relaxing atmosphere and also provide a complementary backdrop to the furniture in the space.

Walls with a plaster finish would be perfect in this setting. The textured finish with a soft color provides the backdrop for furnishings and fabrics.

Give your plain walls a textured appearance with faux finish techniques such as sponge painting. It is a simple and cost effective method that will be as subtle as you desire, as you control the overall effect by the shades of paint colors selected. Read more about the sponging technique here.

Fabrics in your French Country bedroom may include white matelasse for a coverlet, toile, and plaids, florals and stripes in coordinated fabrics to add interest.

In particular, Toile is a fabric found in many country french style bedrooms. The word 'toile' comes from a French word meaning "linen cloth" or "canvas" — particularly cloth or canvas for painting on.

Fabrics and Wallcoverings in a Country French Bedroom

This fabric is a type of decorating pattern consisting of a white or off-white background on which a repeated pattern depicting a fairly complex scene, generally of people, flowers, trees, animals, and other pictures that are scenic, appears.

The photo above shows us how to blend a variety of prints in a room. Notice that the space is large and can handle the 'activity' of the fabrics. The window and accent pillow fabrics is repeated on the wall covering.

Elegant Bedroom French Country Style


Furniture will be sturdy, solid pieces that are (or give the appearance of) vintage, and may be distressed, depending upon your interpretation of this style.

Natural finish, stained or painted is also a choice you can make. Just keep the overall look and feel comfortable, natural and with a touch of elegance.

For example, if your bedroom is going to lean toward the elegant, the pieces may be light in color with graceful curves.

A more rustic interpretation may include distressed, vintage pieces with strong, straight lines of a medium wood finish that show their age gracefully.

The bed itself may be wood or iron. And, an armoire is almost always present in a French Country bedroom.

Window treatments should include toile fabrics, fringed drapes, long floor-length and rich fabrics. A lace undercurtain would provide a soft touch to complete the look.

Accessories - artwork can be new, reproduction or flea market finds, with botanical prints always appropriate. Topiaries, candles and bouquets of flowers in glass vases will enhance the natural theme of French Country decorating.

Scatter area rugs on your tile or wood floor add personality, warmth and comfort to the bedroom.

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