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Great ideas to help you turn your ho-hum entrance into an eye-catching statement.

Create the 'preview' that will be realized when guests enter the interior of your home.

Just as in front porch decorating, your front door speaks of the decor theme that is found both on the exterior and interior of your home.

Ideally there should be consistency between outside and inside in terms of color and decorating style.

So let’s take a look at YOUR front door, shall we?

Front Door Decorating and Design Ideas

First, decide if the front door that is currently in use, is the door you really want to have there. Does it fit the overall style of the exterior and interior of your home? How about the material it is made of?
think about your ‘perfect’ entry door and the function your front entry serves in your home.

Our log home in Michigan was graced with 9 ft. solid mahogany entrance doors that included a leaded glass window. They didn’t need any other embellishments and were a design statement in themselves.

There is no right or wrong conclusion, just the answer that fits your lifestyle, decorating style and budget.

That decision made, here are some simple front door decorating ideas. See which suggestions fit your particular home design and decorating style:


Selection of Color...pretty simple, right? A front door decor that includes a contrasting color from the rest of your home’s exterior will instantly create personality.

Ideally, the color you select will complement both the existing exterior colors and be consistent with the color palette on the interior of your home.

For example, your home may be a traditional style on the exterior and the interior decorating style reflects the same.

Your color palette includes shades of blue, tan, brown and cream. The overall exterior of your home is a neutral shade. So, you select navy blue as the color for your front door.

This will provide a nice contrast to the neutral exterior and fits right into the interior color palette.

Small but significant elements such as a door knocker and door bell can add personality to the front door decorating style. Offered in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and finishes, these touches create the ‘picture’ of what is found inside your home.

Consider the door handle itself. The various shapes, sizes and finishes available again set the tone for the overall decor.

Do you prefer traditional knob shape, a thumb-latch, or a lever-style handle? If you live in a vintage (or reproduction) home, consider vintage hardware. Just be consistent in your selections so all of the exterior hardware is complementary.

Ideas for Front Door Decor

In traditional, country, cottage and other casual styles, a wreath is always a good choice for front door decor

My only caution would be to invest in a wreath that is very good quality and looks authentic. Stay away from the cheap plastic flowered bargains, as they ultimately can cheapen the look of the entire area.

Consider a simple grapevine or green vine wreath that is beautiful in itself, without floral addition.

Contemporary homes with their clean, uncluttered decor may look most consistent with an unadorned entry door.

White and Black Front Entry

How is the front door trimmed out?

Are there architectural elements that can be added to enhance the personality of the entry? Note the photo at the top of the page.

Another finishing element is front door lighting. Remain consistent with the design, finish and style of the other selections named above and you’ll create a consistent, well thought out look for your entry.

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