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Front porch decorating is really not that much different than decorating the inside of your home. Your style and flair can be expressed through color, placement and accessories.

In fact, by doing this, you create the expectation and introduction of what your guests will see when they enter your home.

So if you’re perplexed or unsure of how to go about decorating the porch, no worries!

Here are some simple and easy ideas for you to consider that will make the ‘front porch’ project enjoyable and rewarding. Some ideas are easy on the budget and others may require some financial investment, so feel free to pick and choose those that work for you.

What type of decor style is found inside your home?

Country, contemporary, shabby chic, urban, eclectic...use the same selection process for the front entry as you do for your home interior.

Front Porch Decorating Idea

Same goes for your color selections, whether it be flowers, containers, furniture, paint, etc. Think about permanent exterior colors of your home...siding, stucco, brick, roof, trim...then consider your interior color palette. Try to blend the two with exterior entry decorating selections that complement both.

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Now it's time to step outside & onto the
Front Porch of your home


The first and really, really important step in front porch decorating is to give the area a thorough cleaning. Between regular use and the outside elements, your porch can gather quite a bit of dust, dirt and debris over time.

Consider the steps, the decorating of the front door, trim, the floor itself and the porch ceiling, if applicable. Would a fresh coat of paint freshen things up? How about an accent color?

Some types of homes, Craftsman, bungalow, Victorian, country for example, look great with a combination of colors. Take a look at the pretty porch pictured above.

It’s colorful, friendly, inviting, and I’ll bet the inside of the home includes the same color palette as the exterior. Here are some great ideas for decorating a country porch.

At the other end of the of the spectrum is a front entry like mine. I live in a condominium in a gated community, so I am restricted by the rules of both with regard to the exterior of my home. I’ll be leaving my paintbrush on the shelf for this decision!

Think about the porch elements themselves. What type of floor does your porch have? Would it benefit from a change? Pavers, real or faux stone, composite deck material and even tile are just a few suggestions. Speak with a professional to see what options will work for your particular home.

Ideas for decorating the front porc

Porch and stair railings, door trim, shutters...all of these elements are opportunities for you to create a unique statement with your front porch decor.

Is your front porch large enough to accommodate some type of seating? How about a bench, a pair of chairs, porch swing, etc. Think about the type of piece that will represent your decorating style as well as the element is it made from and the color of the finish.

I love the simplicity of the porch shown below, courtesy of There is nothing over the top here, and actually could have been flea market finds. The colors and textures are interesting and flow right into the exterior finishes of the home.

More Front Porch decorating ideas!

Consider both the size of the porch and how the Front Porch Furniture furniture might be used. A long, covered front porch of a country home could handle several seating pieces as well as other accents. Select pieces that reflect the scale of the porch itself.

Here’s a tip for you if your budget is limited. Go to flea markets, resale shops, online at, discount department stores, etc. for budget friendly sources of front porch furniture and decor. If you find a great piece and it’s the wrong color for your home, just paint it.

Lighting is a great source of function as well as front porch decorating.

If you have a covered porch, there is the option of a hanging pendant light at the entry, recessed lighting along the ceiling, lighted ceiling fans and more.

How about the porch light? A new light can be very cost effective and give a fresh look to your front porch as part of the overall plan.

Your walkway and landscaped area may benefit from some strategically placed low lights. Decorating the front porch often extends to the landscaping and yard area, too, as you create an exterior design for your home.

Simple yet unique additions of stylish lawn address markers or personalized wall address plaques not only provide useful information but become part of your front porch decorating plan. Have fun with your selections and make them reflect your decorating and lifestyle personality.

How about a themed and/or colorful doorbell cover? It’s just another small way to create a special decor look on the front porch.

We can’t talk about the front porch decorating without the addition of flowers, greens, containers and pots as colorful accents.

This is an area that varies greatly based on where you live, your color palette, your green thumb (or lack thereof) and space available on and around the front porch.

Small patio decor idea

All that said, flowers in containers, pots, flower boxes, etc. are always a welcome addition to the front porch decor. My only caution is that if you decide to go with a type of silk or faux greenery or floral, please, please, please purchase something that looks real.

You’ve spent time, money and effort on creating a friendly, welcoming space. Don’t sabotage your efforts with flowers that scream, “look at me..I’m fake!” Save your pennies and purchase quality faux florals and greens.

Use some or many of these simple front porch decorating ideas to create a look that is unique to your home!

And, take an overall assessment of the state of your home's exterior with these Curb Appeal Ideas!

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