Front Porch Furniture Tips & Ideas

Front Porch Furniture

Your front porch  tells a story about you and your home. What are your guests learning about you?

Here is a great exercise to try: Walk out your front door and down the walk toward the sidewalk or street. Stop and count to three slowly. Now, turn around and take a look at what you see, and be objective, like you’ve not seen it before.

Your porch is creating an image of you and your home. Do you like what you see? Not so much?

Perhaps the pieces could use some updating, tweaking, or replacing. The goal is to create a unified look on the porch using furniture and ‘accessories’, just like inside your home.

Here are some ideas and tips for you to consider:

Front Porch Furnitur
  • Just like inside your home, the size of the furniture should reflect the overall size of the porch. Petite porch space will dictate one or maybe two small chairs, for example.
  • Is your porch covered? If so, you have a few more options available to you when selecting front porch furniture, although the exterior elements are always a consideration. There are many types of outdoor fabrics that are beautiful and can hold up in adverse weather conditions.
  • What style of home do you have? Your porch furnishings should be consistent with the decor. A couple of wood rockers (you know, the kind of rocker you see at the Cracker Barrel) would look great on the covered front porch of a craftsman style bungalow, for example.
Cottage Style front porch


  • If you like the pieces you currently have but they are looking worn, can the furniture be painted? Are there cushions that can be replaced? Use the color scheme of the exterior of your home as a guide, bringing in an accent color for some pizazz.
Rockers on a Country Front Porc
  • What are the ages of family members and guests who may be using the furniture? Be sure to consider the very young, elderly and other special situations when making your selections.

  • Big ideas...small budget? No worries. There are so many options with flea markets, consignment shops,, etc. that you can work within just about any size budget to find great furniture for the front porch.
  • Do you enjoy the ‘mix-n-match’ type of look? Go ahead and select up to two different elements for the larger pieces, such as wood and wicker, iron and metal, etc. You can use just about anything for the smaller accessory type pieces such as flower pots. Unify all of your selections with color.

  • We have neighbors who use a variety of elements on their large back porch, but they tie everything together with their bright blue and sunny yellow color palette. It looks great.

Have fun putting your look together, then take your ‘walk away’ test again and see how you score!


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