Furniture for Small Spaces

Furniture for Small Spaces

Furniture for small spaces can be a challenge, whether it is a home, apartment, condo or any small space.

It's easy to look into a small room, space or home and think you'll never be able to live comfortably, particularly if downsizing from a larger home.

No worries! Learn how to plan effectively, choose wisely and place pieces for maximum use, style and enjoyment.

Let's take each step individually.

First, plan effectively.Simply stated, you need to think about how each room or space in your home will be used, in order to place the furniture for your apartment, condo or small home most effectively.

Furniture for Small Spaces

I always advocate writing things down, so grab a writing tablet and pencil, then take an unhurried walk through your space.

Write down the function of each room, and note if this space will be multi-purpose.

For example, you may plan to use the dining area for eating and also allocate some space for a home office. Or, you may decide to use a room as a den/guest bedroom/home office.

By creating this written list, you have established a guide for yourself and are on your way to making good choices with furniture for small spaces.

Your second goal is to choose wisely with furniture and accessories. There are two major considerations. One is size and the other is function.

Let's say that you are going to select furniture for the living area. The list you created states that this room will be used for reading and relaxing, watching television and some entertaining.

You'll need seating for yourself, family and occasional guests, side tables and space allocated for a television. You'll also need lighting suitable for reading.

You've answered the 'function' part of the equation. Now, how about size?

When we consider the size of the pieces that will be placed in this room, we'll also think about the third step, which is effective placement of those pieces.

We'll want a sofa that is no more than 78" in length, and two side, or accent chairs that are no more than 32" wide and 32" deep

This is a great piece of furniture for a small space. It's dimensions are 34" Height x 77" Width x 39" Depth. I like the clean style that can fit well into contemporary, transitional or today's traditional decor.

Capri Apartment Sofa

The sofa can seat three adults comfortably.

This Contessa fabric side chair is just 32" wide and 31" deep, but is big on style.

Small fabric side chair

Even with a small space, when placing your furnishings, try to create warmth and interest with two strategies: using angles and highlighting the focal point of the space.

If the thought of arranging the furniture in your room or home is a little overwhelming, no worries! Read and learn about simple strategies for furniture placement

Here is an armless accent chair that I love. The fun and bold floral fabric is 100% cotton, and the chair size at 32" wide by 25" deep will fit in just about any size space.

Armless Chair for a small apartment space

Your upholstered pieces should not only provide a relaxed and welcoming conversation area, they should also provide good contact with the television, as that is a part of the function of our living room in this example.

Furnishings for small spaces don't have to sacrifice quality, dramatic impact and overall being really cool pieces!

Apothecary Media Stand

This media stand is 42" in wide and 16" deep, so does not take up a large amount of space. It provides additional storage in the form of two large cabinets.

Now, visualize this living room with several other unique accent pieces that also serve more than one function.

Here is a great piece, a Butler Side Table 24” wide 26” high - art deco inspired - fits into many different decorating styles.

Can you visualize our small space coming together? I can, and it looks awesome!

Wayfair round  side table

Here are some versatile and cool looking nesting tables to add function and color to our space.

Nesting tables are a wise choice in any home, but particularly when selecting furniture for small spaces!

These tables offer a unique material and texture in this living room, which is always a welcome addition. The largest piece is 20 1/2" wide and 16" deep.

Hillsdale Nesting Tables

Notice how the colors, elements and textures of all pieces complement each other.

That is a technique that works well in any setting, but is particularly effective in small space.

Here is one more beautiful accent piece that provides not only drama and 'wow' factor, but storage and display opportunities as well.

At 84" High x 40"Wide x 14"Deep, this arts and crafts inspired piece from Sligh will not overpower a small space, and offers great versatility as well as beauty.

Our living room has come together quite well, don't you think?

We've planned the function of the room, made selections of the furniture for small spaces that will serve the function, multi-function and create a dramatic style statement.

By placing these pieces carefully, using the focal point and angles, our living room is definitely memorable.

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