Great Color Combinations in Decorating

Great Color Combinations

Great color combinations in decorating are usually well planned and thought out.

Sure there are some folks who can throw this, that and the other thing together and it will look smashing.

But most of us need to think, see, visualize, plan and then put our terrific color scheme into practice.

And, it’s not only the color combinations in decorating, but it is how they are applied in your space that can make all the difference between ho hum and amazing. Walls, floors, furniture, you choose to use color will greatly impact the result.

Great Color Combinations

Looking for boldness and drama? Use color on larger areas such as walls and furniture. Note the photo above for a great example of this technique.

If a calm and soothing effect is your goal, opt for bolder color in splashes here and there, in smaller patterns, with the neutral colors taking the forefront.

Another very important consideration is the ‘Me Factor’. What do I mean by this? Well, if I am going to select a particular color combination for my decorating and design, it must be appealing to ME, and the colors/shades should have appeal to ME over a period of time.

Finding a photo online or in a magazine is a tremendous way to get ideas and inspiration for your home decorating, but don’t rush out and buy that paint too quickly. Take a little time to envision these great color combinations in your home...imagine seeing them every day.

Selecting a Color Palette

Make sure you’re not just in love with the idea of them, but that you want to see this color scheme around you as part of your lifestyle.

The bottom line? What may be a great color combination for me might not work at all for you.


All that said, here are some color schemes that might serve to inspire your current home decorating projects.

Neutral/Subdued Color Combinations:

1. Shades of whites/off whites and beige is a safe choice for just about any size room and style of decor. Add accent colors of your choice with the accessories, such as window treatment fabrics, artwork, rugs, chair cushions, etc.

Using color combinations in this way also allows you to substantially change your look without touching the wall, floor or furniture that is in place. Create a happy space with blue, green, red and pink accents.

2. An analogous color scheme uses colors that are next to each other on the color wheel, such as green, yellow-green and yellow. Soft shades will evoke a sunny atmosphere that is understated yet cheerful. Don’t forget to add a little bit of contrast with a dark and or bold color.

3. A combination of white with grayed/muted pastels will create a warm yet sophisticated look, with a gentle overall feel. Don’t mistake this color combination for boring. The way the color is applied to furnishings, walls and accessories can be very interesting and intriguing.

Using Yellow and Blue in Decoratin

4. Pair creamy yellow with steely blue to create a warm/cool color combination that is adaptable to just about any room in your home. Accents of deeper shades of these colors complete the look.

5. Look outside your window for this great color combination. Grassy green, watery blue and sunny yellow can be utilized as accessory colors for a calmer look, or bold and strong for a cheery and welcoming space.

6. Pale mint green with shades of white and beige creates the foundation, then add rasberry red accents for pizzazz and charm.

7. Soft goldenrod combines with vanilla and vintage rose to create a soft, easy on the eyes color palette. Use a crackled finish in the space and it will fit right into the mood.

8. Soft cream, yellow and khaki combine for a casual, great color combination that would work well in a country style home or cottage. Think about textiles in similar shades that carry on the color theme.

Decorating with a Neutral Color Palette

9. Take an overall neutral palette with tan, sand and ivory as a base, then add plum accents to create some color and interest. This would work well in a contemporary space.

10. Shades of rose combined with tan, brown and cream can create a sophisticated color palette that isn’t just for kids. Use the tans/browns/creams for walls and flooring, and save the rosy shades for accents, perhaps with hints of soft sage.

Go for Bold!

1. Start with some white, then add lime, aqua and create a terrific, fun and sophisticated great color combination. Find a fabric with all of the colors in it to use in one piece in the space, then accent with the other colors. Make sure there is enough white in the space to give your eye a place to rest.

2. A classic combination is blue and white, and it’s very versatile as well. Traditional, country, cottage, even contemporary can benefit from this color palette. Add charm with shades of green and lemon yellow. Put a twist on the combination with off-white, pale blue and yellow green.

Using Black in the Color Scheme

3. Black and white combined with one other color is sure to grab attention. It could be blue, red, pick.

Touches of beige or creamy tan can provide a bit of softness in the space as well. Contemporary settings are great for using primary accent colors. What great color combinations will you use?

4. Warm colors such as pumpkin, russet and dark brown with cream and gold accents create an inviting space. Think about pumpkin for the wall color as a start for your good-enough-to-eat color combo (I’m having visions of pumpkin pie...)

5. Shades of blue and green are a bright and fun color combination in decorating, and look great with accents of brown, khaki and beige. A hint of deep orange strategically placed will step things up a notch.

Plan for great color combinations in decorating and you will love the results!

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