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Decorating trends are to some extent exactly as the word states...trends. I don't run out and purchase new furnishing and accessories as interior design trends come and go, and you probably don't either. But, it's fun to check out the latest and greatest in interior design trends. And, there are some great ideas and concepts that could be incorporated into your home's decor without breaking the bank.

Colors for this year and forward are an interesting mix. Shades of pink are working their way back into interior decorating, which is a little surprising, but many define the color pink as a symbol of hope. That puts a little different perspective on this color, which is seen in shades of rasberry, fuschia, petal pink and others.

A popular neutral that has been making it's way into the interior decorating trends for awhile now is the color brown. It works across a variety of decorating styles and complements many other colors.

Gray is another 'new neutral' in 2009 design trends, and has been combined with navy, lavender, apple green, fuschia and yellow. Gray provides a slightly softer version of black, which does have an appeal. If you consider this color for your home decor, make sure you include one of the brighter shades mentioned to give the space personality.

Yellow is definitely a 2009 interior design trend color, and can be brought into many existing color schemes quite easily and inexpensively as an accent color. Decorating trends for furniture include straighter lines in furniture, with squared off arms and minimal legs on upholstery, and overall simple, tailored lines in furnishings instead of the slouchy look.

Another interesting shape is a resurgence of the serpentine look, and it's being found in furniture, lighting and even fabric patterns.

Elements such as shiny stone surfaces, glass tops, metallic accents, even concrete counter tops are all making an appearance with this years interior design trends. Others finding their way into current home decorating are textured linens, faux fur, eco-friendly vinyls and soft leather.

Finally, here is the season's one must-have item:

A 'cabinet of curiosity', which can be a glass display cabinet or small framed box. It should be filled with anything that tells a story, so will be unique for each individual.

Items such as vintage materials (postcards, stamps, tea cups, etc), random 'finds', natural elements such as birds nests.

If you decide to create your own 'cabinet of curiosity', write and let me know what you create, and include a picture. I'll post it on my website for all to see!

My Design Closet...What do I keep in here? Little tricks, tips and helpful decor items.

When creating a tabletop display of accessories, pictures, holiday items, etc., always strive to use three pieces.

Vary the shapes and sizes, even if you are displaying one type of accessory. For example, if you love candles and want to display them, instead of lining up three candles of the same height and shape, display three unique candles. There should be one aspect about them that ties them together, such as a color or element, but your display will be much more interesting this way.

Also, avoid lining your accessories up like 'little soldiers', and instead vary both the angle and the placement.

What's in your Design Closet???

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