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Eight Simple Holiday Decorating Ideas
create a beautiful holiday home

Simple Holiday Decorating Ideas

Simple and easy ideas to get you on the road to a happy holiday season with minimal stress.

There is no need to spend a lot of money to create a beautiful holiday home!

These tips are budget friendly, and many utilize what you probably already have around the house.

There are two decisions you should make first, when setting up the plan for your holiday decor.

1) Decide on a color theme. If you haven't done this in the past, then select the two or three colors that will comprise your holiday decor. At least one of the colors should be from your home's overall color palette.

For example, your home may be decorated in shades of blue, tan and cream with accents of green. So, your holiday color theme will include blue and gold. By using blue in your holiday selections you'll be consistent with both color palettes.

Holiday Decorating Ideas


2) Decide on the overall theme of your holiday home, and what elements may be found in it.

For example, you might want a retro look, vintage, country, classic or contemporary theme.

From there, determine if you are going to utilize a particular element, such as birds nests and feathers for a country theme. You will use these elements throughout your decorating to keep the theme consistent.

And, before you begin to decorate, put away your non-holiday nic nacs and display pieces.

Why? You don't want your holiday decor to look messy. You want clean, beautiful, easy to look at and relaxing types of displays.


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Eight Simple Holiday Decorating Ideas

1. Evergreen branches and roping are a fundamental element in simple and easy holiday decorating. Fresh branches will bring that holiday scent into your home, so try to use at least a few of these if you can.

Wreaths and Roping in holiday deco

Faux greenery roping is available in a variety of sizes and 'species', some with pine cones, berries and more added in for color and interest.

I always like to have some faux roping on hand that is a little bit more delicate and lightweight for small displays.

Use this element on the mantel, as a base for other displays, on windowsills, gracing a picture frame, etc. By cutting the branches and roping into smaller pieces it gains great versatility.

Share your holiday decor with our readers...show off your beautiful home! It's easy...just go to the Holiday Decorating page and complete the simple form. You can upload your photos, too!

2. Take an inventory of all of your cabinets and pull out the vases, bowls, antique dishes, jars, teacups, platters...anything that can hold and display your holiday decor.

I'll bet you will find a variety of pieces that have been collecting dust for quite a long time! Pull them out, dust them off, polish them up if need be, and put them to use!

Go to a flea market or consignment shop and hunt for unusually shaped or interesting vases and containers...vary the sizes as well.

If your decor leans toward rustic, look for old boxes or tins, too. You could take an item like this, fill it with fresh evergreen branches and have a great holiday display.

Holiday Centerpiece

3. Select fruit, vegetables, nuts, berries, pastas and more, that fit with your home and holiday color scheme.

Inexpensive and plentiful, they can be used by themselves as colorful display items or combined with other elements in those vases, etc. that you 'found' in your cabinets!

HOLIDAY DECORATING IDEA: Think about layering several different elements in a vase or container, including some small pieces of greenery, for a festive holiday display.

4. Use candles and candlesticks (yes..go through the drawers and cabinets!) of varying sizes and shapes. I have quite a variety of crystal candlesticks, some antique brass candlesticks and others that I've acquired over the years, and you probably have a few as well.

Display them in three's or other odd numbered grouping. When displaying your candlesticks it is not necessary to have a candle in each one. They are beautiful on their own as part of a display.

Christmas Candles used to decorate your home

If you have a set of two candlesticks, stand some up, then lay one down across the base the another to create an interesting vignette.

As for the candles, I suggest that you keep them to one color, possibly two, for consistency, but go ahead and use different sizes and widths.

5. Lace a small string of white mini lights through greens of some of your displays. Place them under some of the greens - not all on top - and it will make the display glow beautifully.

HOLIDAY DECORATING IDEA: If you live in or near the country, just go outside and take a walk to see what variety of flora and fauna might be available.

6. Use natural materials that can be purchased in bunches and then separated, like babys breath, and use in small quantities in displays and placed in between the branches of the Christmas tree as a filler.

When I lived in the midwest I would go out in the fall when the natural grasses had died and pick some very interesting branches and bundles to use in our log home holiday decor.

Christmas tree decorating ideas

7. Buy wide, wire edged ribbon that matches your color/theme and use it throughout your displays and on the Christmas tree. It will retain the shape you create, then can be rolled up and re-used next year.

HOLIDAY DECORATING IDEA: If you have a small cup and saucer, for example, place a Christmas bulb in it, add just a touch of greens, and it becomes a lovely little display that can stand alone or as part of a vignette.

8. Use existing Christmas ornaments that fit into your color scheme. Place them on the Christmas tree(s), carefully placed amongst the greenery, lights, candles etc. on the mantel or sideboard, fill a clear glass vase, etc.

Collections of Santas, angels, snowmen, or similar, are great pieces to incorporate into your displays as well if they fit into your theme.

So there you have it. Easy and simple holiday decorating ideas that are not costly.

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