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There are so many different home decor styles, it can be very confusing. But, is it absolutely necessary to define your design style? Not really.

There will be no great inner change if you suddenly say, "My goodness, I just realized that I love Country French decor!"

But, it will make your decor decisions somewhat simpler because you'll know which home decorating style you are looking for.

Whether you love to spend hours pouring over magazines, searching for those creative home decorating ideas, checking out the latest in interior design trends at the stores, or shopping online from the comfort of your home...defining your own unique inspired home decorating style will certainly bring some joy to your heart! I know it does mine.

First and most important, take a minute to complete the simple quiz, to help you narrow down your particular home decorating style!

It's fun, easy and quick. Then return to this page and put your results into practice.

Now, find a comfortable place to relax with the beverage of your choice (I happen to love a great cup of coffee during the day and a chilled glass of Pinot Grigio in the evening...) and enjoy learning about, and possibly defining for the first time, your own unique home decorating style!

As you peruse the articles below, you'll find a variety of decorating and design styles, with more being added regularly. Take a few minutes to read through any that interest you. There are pictures that accompany each style to help you visualize the decor.

Home Decorating Styles...all the details!

Casual Beach Home Decor

Beach home decorating ideas for the best coastal decor, including furniture, color palette and accessories. Find out more now!

Beach style living area


Relaxed Coastal Decor and Lifestyle

Coastal decor is a casual, relaxed style that can reflect a nautical, tropical or beach style of decorating. Whatever emphasis suits your lifestyle and home, the look is fluid, easy-care and natural.

Coastal themed living room


Modern and Contemporary Decor

For some of us, the term 'contemporary style decorating' evokes thoughts of George Jetson and family, scooting through their ultra modernized and automated home.

In reality, contemporary home decor, although sleek, clean and smooth, can make a colorful and dramatic home decorating style design statement that is an interesting blend of textures, colors and elements.

Contemporary Style Living Area

Simple, Casual Cottage Style

Do you love simple, vintage, light, comfortable home decorating styles of decor? If so, you might be a candidate for Cottage Style decorating! The term 'cottage style' can be adapted to a variety of settings, and your home doesn't literally have to look like, or function as, a cottage to incorporate this decor theme into your lifestyle.

Cottage Style Kitchen

Country Decorating Styl

Classic or Updated Country Style

Country home decorating brings back many memories for me...how about you? Back in the 80's this casual look was all the rage, with printed fabrics on the furniture, wallpaper border sporting flower baskets traveling throughout our homes, and the front porch sported a duck wearing cute little outfits. Really.

Country Cottage Style Bedroom

Country Cottage Ideas

Country Cottage Decorating is a simple, uncomplicated, vintage type look. Here are the best ideas for decorating cottage style, including country cottage style furniture.

Versatile Eclectic Style of Decor

Eclectic decorating is a style that lets you create your own unique signature. Read about the simple guidelines that will ensure success in your eclectic home interior.

Eclectic Tuscan Farmhouse Living Room


Farmhouse style living area

source unknown

Rustic Farmhouse Decorating

Farmhouse decorating is casual, informal and rustic with elements of both country and cottage style incorporated into this look. Find out more about creating a farmhouse interior in your home.

Colorful French Country Style

What type of home interior do you envision when you close your eyes? If you see a colorful, casually graceful, naturally rustic, relaxed and welcoming environment, you've been visualizing French Country style decorating!

Rustic French Country Dining Area


Natural and Organic Mission Style

Mission style decorating appeals to those who enjoy natural elements, a strong, clean, linear look and informal style of decor.

A love of wood furnishings is also high on the list for this look, which is often call Arts and Crafts decor.

Mission Style Living Room


Retro style Dining Room

Retro Furniture and Decor

Retro furniture and retro style defined. How to put together the colors, textures and furnishings for classic retro style decor.

Simply Shabby Chic Living Room


Shabby Chic Ideas

One of today's classic interpretations of casual living, learn about Shabby Chic decorating defined, including how to decorate with shabby chic furniture and accessories.

Bold Colorful Southwest Style

Southwest decor is a natural and colorful tribute to the desert landscape and heritage of the southwestern states

Bedroom Southwest Style

Elegant Traditional Styled Kitchen

Today's Traditional Home

If the term 'traditional decorating style' is mentioned, some of us may think of our Aunt Sally's sitting room with wing back chairs, crown and chair molding, oriental rugs, matching crystal lamps on matching side tables and ornately adorned windows. What is Today's traditional home decorating style?

Tropical Style for Your Home

If asked what tropical decorating means to you, I’m sure that some might envision the old, rattan furniture with tired, faded fabrics in washed out blues, greens and yellows. Is that stuff still around? Yes, but thank goodness there are so many other choices available now!

Tropical Decorating for the kitchen

Authentic and Updated Tuscan Style

Ideas to help you create an authentic Tuscan home. Find out more about this simple, comfortable, colorful and welcoming style.

Colorful Tuscan Style Bedroom

Simple Urban Style

Simple Urban Style Decor

Simple Urban style decor is a combination of vintage and contemporary with natural fabrics, medium to dark toned woods, rich neutral colors and decor accents of iron and glass. And, the overall Simple Urban home decorating style is spacious and uncluttered. Does this sound like your style? Read on and find out more!

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