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You’ve worked hard to plan your home office design, putting much thought into the placement, furnishings and equipment.

Now it’s time to pull the space together... what about the color scheme?

Sure, you could paint the walls some shade of off-white and be done with it, but there is so much more at stake here. Whether you spend a couple of hours per week or all day, every day, the mood that is set in this space can certainly affect your outlook and productivity.

There are two main considerations when deciding on home office color schemes;

First, you want this space to be consistent with the rest of your home decor. You’ll want to see at least one or two colors in the office that appear in the rest of your home.

Second, what type of mood do you want to create? When you answer this question, it is going to be affected by how much time you’ll be spending in the office.

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Home office color scheme

For example, if the office will be your ‘home’ for the better part of the day, you’ll probably want the color scheme to be one that you enjoy seeing around you...colors that you love. For me, it’s soft shades of green, yellow and cream with some colorful accents.

Or, your goal might be to create a lively and upbeat office, a place where you can enjoy the quirky colors and accents you’ve added to the basic office setup. The color scheme will set the tone for your mood and give you some needed energy as well as escape.

Bottom line, it’s your choice. Just think the color palette through, giving this area of decision as much thought as the rest of the room’s design.

Here are some helpful suggestions:

Cool vs. Warm Colors

Warm colors can be bright, bold and energizing.

Red, yellow and orange are examples of warm colors. You might decide to paint the walls a deep gold and accent with red, burnt orange, bright green and magenta. That will pick you up! Just make sure you love those bold shades.

You can still select warm colors, but go subtle on the shade for a softer overall look and feel.

Here are two examples from BenjaminMoore.com. The office on the left has used shades of red for understated drama, while the home office color scheme on the right is playful and fun using yellow and green.

Cool colors tend to be more calming and relaxing, in soft shades of blue, green and purple, for example. If you want to keep focused and have those creative juices flowing, think about the cool colors for your home office color scheme.

Neutral colors on the walls, floor and furnishings with accents of color will create an overall calm and business-like, yet interesting space.

Notice the two photos below from BenjaminMoore.com. The office space on the left utilizes a calming neutral color scheme, and the office on the right is an effective use of subtle, cool colors. I love the way this space is utilized, too!

If you want learn more about the selection and use of color in your home more details, read about selecting the right color palette for your home and what your color preferences say about you.

Experiment on color boards with the combination of colors and shades that speak to you.

After all, your home office should be a haven for you whether it's an everyday event or as-needed occasion. Home office colors schemes make an impact on your overall satisfaction with the space.

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